Recompute Cardboard Cases

Thanks to ZDNet. There’s a company called Recompute that makes PC cases out of cardboard. The case is made of cardboard strips that are held together by a non-toxic glue. I know what you’re thinking. The cardboard case will be a great fire log. In actuality, the cardboard case ignition point is 800 degrees Fahrenheit. The honeycomb-like design also diffuses heat. The motherboard and power supply are separated in two chambers to minimize overheating.

With global warming and the oceans rising, the only question left is, will the cardboard case float? Is it waterproof?

iPad Great for Reading and Viewing

ZDNET has an article called “The truth about iPad: It’s only good for two things.” The author argues that the iPad is great for reading and viewing only. Ok, that doesn’t seem like a lot. It’s a bit overkill for a device that is worth $500 and upwards. You can do the same using your desktop, laptop, and netbook. I guess you can even argue a smartphone with an oversized screen can do the same things the iPad can.

You can also argue that the iPad is truly unique and has functions no other device has. It’s built by Apple, it must be really good. The main obstacle why people avoid buying one really comes down to price especially in today’s economy. No matter how many times I’ve visited the Apple store, I still get sticker shock, despite alreading knowing the price. Unless you have some extra cash to burn, most people will balk at idea of coughing $500 for a device that’s quite limited to what it can do.

Is the iPad overrated?

OpenOffice Isn’t Dead

A recent article by ZDNet article said that OpenOffice is dead. Is it really? There are thousands who use OpenOffice on a daily basis. How could it be dead? Google Docs may be a better alternative to MSOffice, but it won’t work offline. To most people, OpenOffice is still the right choice over MSOffice because of cost. Granted not too many people use it, but to say it’s dead is like saying Safari and Opera browsers are dead because they don’t have too many users. They may not have the numbers, but each have their own loyal following. By no means it’s dead.

Locking Down My Facebook

I’m not really a big fan of Facebook. I use it only because everyone I know seems to be using it. I’ve actually turned off my Facebook account twice because of privacy issues. The recent software glitch prompted me to take another look at my Facebook profile. So, the other night, I took another stab at locking down my Facebook account. Thirty minutes later, I think I got it. It’s somewhat secure. I think. I don’t expect it to be ever as secure as Fort Knox.

The only question is, is my account usable? I have no wall, no photos, no videos. Just my name and a contact link. I’ve relaxed it just a bit since then, but I still don’t have a wall. If you want tips, here’s a link from Jason Perlow of ZDNet. He talks about locking down your Facebook profile in 20 minutes. If you do a Google search how to lock down your Facebook account, you’ll come up with pages of articles.

ZDNet Website Redesign

One of my favorite websites for browsing the latest tech news is ZDNet. This morning, I noticed a new website redesign. It’s cleaner, cooler, compact and ad-friendly I might add. I’m digging it. I love the homepage slider feature, although I think it’s too fast. The footer section is much, much bigger.

In terms of color, the blue colors seems to be much darker than the previous design, although I don’t have the old site up for a side-by-side comparison. The website reminds of the kit of the US Mens National Team for this summer’s World Cup in South Africa. The US National unis have also gone dark the last couple of years.

I think the biggest improvement of the website redesign is the comments section. I use to dread reading comments because I had to click on each one of them to read them. That’s no longer the case. It’s structured similar to how most blog comments are displayed these days, in chronological order.

As in any new website redesign, I found a couple of kinks. There are several broken links, but I’m sure they will fix that soon. It will take a while for me to learn the new site. Navigating is a bit awkward at first, but improving the comments structure is by far the best thing that’s happened to this site.

WordPress Blogs Hacked Via Config File

A number of WordPress blogs hosted at Network Solutions were hacked according to ZDNet. A malicious hacker was able to create a script that scanned for WordPress config files which contain MySQL database credentials in plain text.

WordPress config files should only be read by Apache only with permissions of 750. Most users have their permissions set to 755. WordPress users should set their permissions to 750 to avoid from being hacked.

Another way of protecting WordPress config files is to use .htaccess. Add the following code to your .htaccess file.

# protect wpconfig.php
<files wp-config.php>
order allow,deny
deny from all

Is Paper Greener than Digital?

Is paper more greener than digital? We have been programmed to think that reducing paper consumption is good for the planet. You’ll be surprised with a ZDNet article arguing that going digital usually means more harm to the environment than what is usually perceived. In the article, the author writes how digital devices require more raw materials to build, require more power to operate, and unfortunately create more trash.

IT Grads Not Learning The Right Skills

Here’s an interesting article by ZDnet blog where it points out that most recent IT graduates are not learning the right skills to be employed. Only four of the 12 IT experts asked believed recent graduates are adequately prepared for the workforce. The main gripe is that universities are not keeping pace with the changes in technology. Another area of difficulty is finding graduates with the right balance of of technical and soft skills. Read the article.