Leaving Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail has been hacked numerous times the last couple of years leaving me with no recourse but to abandon it. I’ve used my Yahoo account for years, signing up on just about everything that had a presence online. So, it was extremely important for me that I stop using Yahoo Mail for my security.

Over the last couple of months, I have been slowly switching my online accounts over to another email.  The migration has been slow and an arduous process. It took me roughly a couple months to complete the migration. Here’s how I did it.

  1. First, I cleared all spam.
  2. I then deleted all emails that were not important to me, including what was in the Send folder.
  3. I compiled a list of important websites that had my Yahoo account.
  4. I logged in to those sites and changed them to my new email address.
  5. I kept all the important email messages and placed them on a couple of folders.
  6. I then archived them and secured them to a local drive.
  7. I then deleted all the remaining messages on my Yahoo account. It now has zero messages.
  8. However, the account is still active. I need it for my Yahoo Fantasy Football. 🙂
  9. Occasionally, I still get email, but nothing of anything important.


Classic Yahoo Mail

Am I the only person who has switched back to Yahoo Mail Classic? What is up with all the bugs with the newer Yahoo Mail.  Attachments don’t want to attach, mails refuse to be sent, mails don’t want to move, select boxes can’t be selected, and many, many more bugs. I usually end up refreshing the page just to fix it. After a few of these, and the whole exercise gets to be really annoying? Today, I was crafting an email and Yahoo mail refused to send it. If I leave the page, I lose my mail. I ended up saving it to a text file. So frustrated.

Yahoo Mail Going Ape Crazy

I just tried checking my emails at Yahoo Mail, and it’s going ape crazy. It looks like the upgrade didn’t go over very well. That’s one thing the new CEO, Marissa Meyer needs to fix. Yahoo needs to have flawless execution when making upgrades, and especially to Yahoo Mail, where millions of users use it for business and personal reasons.

How many times do I have to accept the terms of service? Is five times enough? I hope Yahoo doesn’t lose my mail. That would be a disaster. This makes you think twice if you should rely on free email for your business. I wonder how many people really read Yahoo’s Terms of Service. I bet 99% of users don’t read it. I certainly didn’t.

Yahoo could have put anything in that agreement, and by law, I’m bound to it. I should really read it. You should, too. Come to think of it. It’s quite scary. I just love the fact, that you can check Twitter, if you’re not the only one having issues with something, because everyone and their mother is tweeting about it. Twitter, you’re awesome.

Safari for Windows and Yahoo Mail

Well, after playing around with Safari for Windows the last several days, I found a few quirks and issues that could prevent many people from switching to the Safari Windows browser. First and firemost, and probably the most important is Yahoo Mail. I tried reading Yahoo Mail with the Safari browser and I got this message saying, “Hmm…your browser is not officially supported.” But, then again this is Yahoo Mail Beta running on a Safari Beta browser. Well, I’m not surprised by the result.

The second challenge is BigSoccer.com website — the soccer freak that I am. The menu system on bigsoccer.com’s website does not work in Safari. I don’t particularly know what kind of menu system they use, but all I know is, it doesn’t work in Safari. By the way, I am annoyed with their banner ads because sometimes it places the menu in the background, behind the ads, making it impossible to make a menu selection. And this is with a good browser, with Firefox. That website has issues, but that’s another story. But, I love bigsoccer.