FIFA Overhaul

Now that Blatter is gone, the 2022 Qatar World Cup should be next. If FIFA wants to make an meaningful impression that it’s really changing for the better, then it needs to make a statement by suspending the 2022 Qatar World Cup. The Qatar selection is the epitome of bribery and corruption. It doesn’t bode well for FIFA to be associated with the Qatar World Cup. Otherwise if the World Cup venue doesn’t change, then people perception of FIFA will never change.

In addition, FIFA structure and voting process also need to change. Currently, every country with a FIFA membership gets one vote. FIFA should heavily weight the voting selection to the 32 teams that make it to the World Cup. After all, they are they are ones involved in the big tournament. Whether how much of a percentage is to be debated? Maybe 75% of the vote, while the rest of the membership gets the other 25%. This will make the perennial teams that qualify in the World Cup regularly have more say and better representation.

This change in the voting process changes the dynamics of FIFA. Football minnows will now have less say, perhaps forging a way in making it much difficult for bribery and corruption. Whether major changes will ever be instituted in FIFA is tough to say. We are talking about a group that’s deeply entrenched in the bribery and corruption for decades. Maybe only a massive purge of the entire institution can save FIFA.

Cala Boca Galvao is Trending at Twitter

‘Cala Boca Galvao’ is a Portuguese phrase that has been on Twitter’s Top Ten Trending Topics the last three days. Why is it so popular? What’s the meaning of it? Some say it’s the latest videoclip of Lady Gaga. Others say it’s a campaign to save a rare bird species in Brazil. To many Brazilians who use Twitter, it became a joke, a play of words so to speak.

Galvao Bueno is a well known sports commentator in Brazil. The joke started at the opening ceremony of the World Cup when Galvao Bueno would not stop talking during the live transmission. Brazilians started tweeting ‘Cala Boca, Galvao’ which means ‘shut your mouth, Galvao.’

In reality ‘Cala Boca Galvao’ is really about this…

So, every time you tweet ‘Cala Boca Galvao’, 10 cents is donated to the Galvao Foundation to save the Galvao birds. Help spread the word around.

It’s not known at the moment if the ‘Cala Boca Galvao’ birds are causing Twitter’s Fail Whale to come out this morning as well as the last several days.

2010 World Cup Excel Worksheet

Several weeks ago, I’ve downloaded an Excel worksheet for the World Cup from It’s a great tool for tracking your favorite team or country, from group play, the round of 16, quarters, semis, all the way to the Final. Just enter the scores of all the matches. Points are going to be automatically entered based on results. The top two finishers of each group will advance to the round of 16. From here on, teams will play elimination until a World Cup Champions is determined.

My favorites to win it all are Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Netherlands, England, Germany and Italy in that order. Enjoy the worksheet.

[download id=”8″]

World Cup 2010 Starts Tomorrow

The World Cup 2010 starts tomorrow in South Africa. Support your country. I have the US Soccer logo included in this blog. USA are in Group C. They play England on Saturday, then Slovenia and Algeria in that order. I’m being realistic. I’m giving the US a 30% chance of winning against a talented and experience English team. That’s 3 of 10 games the US can pull off an upset.

Anything is possible. If we can beat Spain at last year’s Confederations Cup, we can beat England. You never know. The US will need lady luck on its side. I figure the US will finish 2nd in Group C. I hoping they could. If not, it will be a dismal failure like 2006. From there, getting to second stage, quarter finals and semi-finals will be an added bonus. They key matches for USA will be against Slovenia and Algeria. If the US win the last two games, they are in with 6 points.

By the way, the first game will be between Mexico and host-nation South Africa. I have feeling South Africa will be a hard test for Mexico, but Mexico will probably win.

Twitter Fail Whale

I love Twitter, but occasionally it’s over capacity. Too many tweets they say. It looks like today is another “fail whale” day. Consider yourself lucky because I haven’t seen “fail whale” in a while. PCMag says it’s a system-wide issue. Twitter said the problem has been addressed, but it’s not 100% there yet. It means they are probably rebooting their servers or something along those lines.

Now, some people predict Twitter will explode during the World Cup. As long as they don’t mean blowing up or detonating the whale. The last thing we want is a messy whale carcass all over the screen. Yes, I predict Twitter will be very popular during the month long tournament. Twitter better be ready because the World Cup starts in just 2 days.

2010 World Cup in 3-D

ESPN plans to bring 2010 World Cup in 3-D:

The new “ESPN 3-D” service plans at least 85 live sporting events during its first year, starting with the opening FIFA World Cup match between South Africa and Mexico on June 11, ESPN and ABC Sports president George Bodenheimer said.

Up to 25 World Cup matches will be shown on what ESPN called “the industry’s first 3-D television network” along with college basketball, college football and other US domestic sports events.

Electronics giant Sony, Discovery Communications and IMAX Corp. announced meanwhile that they were creating a joint venture to “develop the first 24/7 dedicated 3-D television network” in the United States.

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