The Most Hideous Website Ever

You probably seen several ugly websites in your lifetime. But this one is the tops. Its clearly the most hideous website ever. The worst! If you can come up with something worse than this, let me know. When was this website exactly coded? Hmmm, based on web design forensics, it looks like these pages precede the pre-1994 era of the Internet age. Here’s some of its glorious features:

A guestbook! No one has been using a guestbook for years. Background music! At least, the honky tonk music will keep you entertained while surfing the site. The colors! No one has seen these color combinations in ages. You probably need a trip to the eye doctor after 5 minutes on this site.

Overlapping images! After all, you can’t fit them all in one page. It looks like these photos were taken when digital cameras had resolutions of 100×150 pixels. Of course, every site has to have Cessna planes and Harley motorcycle background images. How about a screenshot!

No amount of screenshot is going to do any justice to this masterpiece, until you see it for yourself. So, I present to you, the most hideous website ever. And don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

Finally, an apology for the overuse of the exclamation point!!

Don’t Forget To Renew Your Domain

If you own a domain, you’ve probably received an array of emails every year from your domain registrar urging you to renew your beloved domain. Several years ago, I waited until the very last day to renew one domain. A little nervy, but there were no problems, no downtime or any business lost.

Now, let’s up the ante. Let’s say you own a NFL franchise like the Dallas Cowboys. The richest franchise in the NFL. Your website and domain is Imagine waking up one morning and seeing this …


The horror!

So, how dysfunctional are the Cowboys this year? Well, besides the 1-7 record, and a 45-7 whipping last weekend, they can’t even manage to renew their website for a measley $10 dollars a year. Adding insult to injury, their domain registrar, Network Solutions, parked the Cowboys domain showing some ad links with an image of kids playing soccer. Classic!!!

I’m sure the owner of the Cowboys, Jerry Jones, could use a few extra dollars gained from the ad links – to get a new coach that is!!

Finally, I searched the Cowboys website for any highlights this year. This is the only I found worth posting.

Create A Website Based On One Color

Are you thinking of creating a website based on one color? One cool tool you can use is a Color Palette. This particular tool will create for you 10 shades of the base color with varying degrees of opacity. The top row emulates opacity over a white background, while the bottom emulates opacity over black background.

The opacity values are 100% opaque, 75%, 50%, 25% and 10% on the top row. The bottom row begins at 85% rather than 100% and continues on as the first. To make it more interesting, you can use different colors other than a white and black backgrounds. I use the color #365215 for this blog. Here is the varying shades of colors using this tool.

ZDNet Website Redesign

One of my favorite websites for browsing the latest tech news is ZDNet. This morning, I noticed a new website redesign. It’s cleaner, cooler, compact and ad-friendly I might add. I’m digging it. I love the homepage slider feature, although I think it’s too fast. The footer section is much, much bigger.

In terms of color, the blue colors seems to be much darker than the previous design, although I don’t have the old site up for a side-by-side comparison. The website reminds of the kit of the US Mens National Team for this summer’s World Cup in South Africa. The US National unis have also gone dark the last couple of years.

I think the biggest improvement of the website redesign is the comments section. I use to dread reading comments because I had to click on each one of them to read them. That’s no longer the case. It’s structured similar to how most blog comments are displayed these days, in chronological order.

As in any new website redesign, I found a couple of kinks. There are several broken links, but I’m sure they will fix that soon. It will take a while for me to learn the new site. Navigating is a bit awkward at first, but improving the comments structure is by far the best thing that’s happened to this site.