Sign Up for GMail Google Voice

This past week, Google released the integration of GMail and Google Voice which allows GMail users make free phone calls to anywhere in the US and Canada. At this time, the service is only available to US and Canadian users. Making international calls however, is subject to low rates which can be purchased online.

With GMail Google Voice, users can now make and receive free phone calls to any landline or wireless phones in the US and Canada until the remainder of the year. Google plans to make this service free as long as international calls can support the service. To sign up for Google Voice, go to

You will be asked to choose a local telephone number from a list of numbers available. Once you secured a number, you will need to open up GMail to activate Google Voice. Click Settings -> Labs and enable the Google Voice module. To make a call within GMail, you will need to login to Google Chat.

The green phone will light up underneath your user name when it is ready. Dial a number and make your free phone call. GMail Google Voice works best with a headset with a built-in microphone. Enjoy.

Finally, here a video tutorial on how to make calls in GMail Google Voice.

World Cup 2010 Starts Tomorrow

The World Cup 2010 starts tomorrow in South Africa. Support your country. I have the US Soccer logo included in this blog. USA are in Group C. They play England on Saturday, then Slovenia and Algeria in that order. I’m being realistic. I’m giving the US a 30% chance of winning against a talented and experience English team. That’s 3 of 10 games the US can pull off an upset.

Anything is possible. If we can beat Spain at last year’s Confederations Cup, we can beat England. You never know. The US will need lady luck on its side. I figure the US will finish 2nd in Group C. I hoping they could. If not, it will be a dismal failure like 2006. From there, getting to second stage, quarter finals and semi-finals will be an added bonus. They key matches for USA will be against Slovenia and Algeria. If the US win the last two games, they are in with 6 points.

By the way, the first game will be between Mexico and host-nation South Africa. I have feeling South Africa will be a hard test for Mexico, but Mexico will probably win.