WordPress 3.3 Upgrade

Unless, you are blind as a bat or need new glasses, you probably have seen the messages within WordPress, reminding you that you need to upgrade to WordPress 3.3. If that type of incessant nagging doesn’t get you to upgrade, I don’t know what does. So, I relented and upgraded several instances of my WordPress installs.

I use the WordPress upgrade via Subversion, but there were a couple of file conflicts in the upgrade. So, I ended up removing the .svn directories from the WordPress directories. I ended up upgrading WordPress via the easy and preferred, one-click method within the WordPress Dashboard.

So, what’s new with WordPress 3.3? The most obvious change is the redesign of the Dashboard. See snapshot of the Dashboard below. It’s supposed to be faster, functional and more accessible. To me, the eye candy of this whole upgrade is the new media uploader.

Uploading images into WordPress now supports the drag and drop of images into a media uploader. It’s makes uploading images much easier, if that wasn’t already the case. So, let me try a couple of images now.

The image above is a snapshot of the new Dashboard. As you can see, the Dashboard has been redesigned. It looks spiffy and neat. The image below is a partial snapshot of the new Media Uploader. As you can see, there’s a section where you can drop images for uploading.

To drag and drop images, I suggest that you minimize your browser, so that you can easily see and grab images from your Desktop. Just grab an image or several images to an area where it says “Drop files here” in media uploader. The media uploader will automatically upload the images for you. It’s impressive.

If you haven’t upgraded yet, I urge you to upgrade and take advantage of the new features of WordPress 3.3. Finally, here’s the obligatory video about WordPress 3.3.

Don’t Forget The Uploads

I recently moved a WordPress blog from root to a directory below it. I decided to use the export and import WordPress function. By the way, it works great. The only issue I had was the missing the upload directory. I forgot to move it. I blew it up. It’s gone. I have 20+ pictures I have re-upload. It’s a lesson to be learned. I have to be a little bit more careful next time.