Toastmasters Database

The Toastmasters Database is a set of dynamic web pages written to aid a Toastmasters club keep track of its membership, officers list, club schedule, speech assignments, awards and club fees online. The scripts were written in PHP which requires a web server (Apache) with a PHP module installed. The scripts also utilizes MySQL, a database for storing and retrieving data online. In addition, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and web templates can be used for formatting and incorporating your club’s website look and feel.

The Toastmasters Database has two main sections: the display section and the administration section. The display section is used for public access. It displays member information, officers list, schedules, awards, etc. The Administration Section is for website administrators only. This section should be maintained by a club officer or by a website administrator. The Admin page is used for setup, configuration and data entry. The Admin area is password protected using the program’s built-in authentication.

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