The New Mac App Store Opens Today

As promised, the new Mac App Store opened up today. It comes stocked with thousands of games, utilities and productivity programs. To install the Mac App Store, you will need to do the following: (1) You need to be running Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. (2) You need to run today’s update of Snow Leopard to version 10.6.6. After the update, you will be prompted to restart the new OS version. After the restart, you will see a new Mac App Store icon (it’s shaped like the letter A, next to the Finder) on your Dock. See image below.┬áThe Mac App Store is also available from the Apple Menu.

The new Mac App Store is organized pretty much the same way as iTunes. In fact, you need your iTunes account or Apple ID to download or purchase applications, utilities and games from the Mac App Store. The top paid software is currently Angry Birds, followed Chopper 2 and iPhoto. There are also dozens of free programs like Twitter, Evernote, Caffeine, TextWrangler and a few more.

The new Mac App Store is going to make shopping for software a lot easier for Mac users. I imagine that every software will be available from the Mac App Store in due time. This is just a start. Only a few thousand applications, utilities and games are currently available in the store. But not everyone is happy. There are some developers left out in the cold.

To install the Mac App Store, just run the update if you’re running Snow Leopard.

Interesting enough, iMovie was also updated during the update today. I’m not sure if this was part of the update or iMovie update was available before today’s update. Anyways, there’s a new version of iMovie also that showed up on my MacBook Air as well.

Snow Leopard

For Mac OS fans out there, here’s a list of enhancements and refinements of the new Mac OS Snow Leopard. What happened to the word `features`? Maybe, it’s not as hip as enhancements and refinements anymore. I guess it’s outdated. I always laugh how marketing folks come with old words and make them new again. Enhancements and refinements. Next up. Polish. Check out the new `polish` of the new Mac OS at the Apple store. Snow Leopard looks really good. I’m not much of a Mac user, but when I do, I’m always impressed. If you want to pre-order, you can get one for only $29. Compare that to another operating system I know that’s about 5 times as much.