HP Buys Palm

HP is buying Palm for $1.3 billion. This means Palm’s webOS will get a much needed boost from an well established company. HP has dabbled with smart phones in the past. HP’s smart phones ran on Windows Mobile. Expect webOS running on future HP smart phones.

Palm Pre


Introducing the Palm Pre, slated to be out June 6, priced at $199 after rebate with a 2 year committment with Sprint. This Linux powered device does multi-tasking quite well, better than the iPhone. It has an integrated browser, a universal search feature, email and calendar sync with Outlook, Google and Facebook calendars.

The Pre has wi-fi support and a GPS. It also comes with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and with a 3 megapixel LED flash camera. You can read more details about the Pre from Palm’s website as well as the review from Gizmodo.

Lastly, here’s a couple of videos worth seeing.