Online Radio Ads

I don’t have a stereo receiver at home. On occasion, I like to listen to a local radio station online via iTunes. My biggest gripe are the ads. Do radio┬ástations┬áreally need to play 15 minutes of ads before I hear the actual show? The only reason I stuck around was to find out how long the ads would run. 15 minutes of ads! You got to be kidding me. No one has that kind of patience just to hear a radio show. So now, I have this policy. If I hear ads, I simply switch stations. I know radio stations have to make money, but 15 minutes. Annoying if you ask me.

Google Drive 5GB For Free

Based on rumors, it looks like Google will release a new service called Google Drive in a couple of weeks. Google Drive will compete with Dropbox, iCloud, Box and host of other online storage and collaboration services.

The word on the street is, Google Drive users will receive 5GB for free, a much higher value than previously anticipated. Potentially, Google can sweeten the deal by making the integration of its other services a key selling point.

Integration with GMail and Google Docs can take Google Drive over the top above other competitors. I would pay to see Google Docs having the ability to save files on Google Drive. If Google were to allow such a thing, it would be an instant hit.

What a combo that will be.

Black Friday 2009 Sales

Are you looking for a great deal on Black Friday? Well, you’ve come to the right place. About two and a half years ago, I made a post about Frys Electronics running their own ads in the San Jose Mercury News. I just checked the link. The good news is the link still works. By the way, Frys publishes new ads everyday. So, I recommend that you check this link again on Thanksgiving Day.

In addition, I found a couple of websites that publishes Black Friday sales: check out this one and this one. Good luck with your hunt this Friday. I hope you find what you are looking for!