Fedora To Use Moblin

It looks like Fedora will use Moblin for netbooks and portable computers. Moblin is an open source platform optimized for for netbooks, mobile devices, and in-vehicle infotainment devices. It’s similar to Ubuntu’s Netbook Remix. Moblin running in Fedora will most likely be called “Fedora Mini,” which will be part of the upcoming Fedora 12 release.

Netbook Remix on the Lenovo S10


I finally had the chance to play around with Ubuntu Netbook Remix on my Lenovo S10. I went ahead and downloaded the Netbook Remix IMG file from Ubuntu’s website. I had to install the USB Imagewriter program first since it wasn’t installed by default on my Ubuntu desktop which is still running Hardy Heron. I ran Imagewriter and installed the Netbook Remix on an older USB memory stick which I was no longer using. Several minutes later, I had the Netbook Remix installed on a bootable USB stick. I plugged in the USB stick and booted my Lenovo S10. The S10 recognized that the USB was bootable and proceeded to load Ubuntu. A minute later, I had Ubuntu running on my S10.