Linux Nano Editor

In metric terms, nano means one billionth of a unit, or 10-9. Apple has a product called the iPod nano. In Linux terms, Nano is simply a terminal editor. If you’re looking for an alternative to the vi editor, then consider using Nano.

Nano is derived from the words Nano’s ANOther editor. Nano is an enhanced Pico clone, Pico being another Linux terminal editor. Nano is a little bit quirky in the beginning if you’re coming from the vi world. But, once you’re used to the editor, you’ll be glad you tried it.

In my opinion, I think you can do editing faster in nano than in vi, once you get used to all the controls. Here are several common and important controls within Nano that you should be familiar with: Crtl-O to save, Ctrl-X to quit, Ctrl-K to cut, Ctrl-U to paste. Ctrl-Y to page up, and Ctrl-V to page down.

Read up on the basics of the nano editor.

Apple Announces New iPod Nano


Steve Job appears at an Apple event and announces a new lineup of iPods. The biggest news: the iPod nano, now comes equipped with a video camera. The camera is 240-by-376-pixel resolution at 204 pixels per inch. The new nano also has a built-in FM tuner, a Voice Recorder and a Pedometer program to work with your Nike + iPod Sport Kit. Check out the rest of the specs. The unit comes in two models at 8GB and 16GB. The 8GB is priced at $149, while the 16GB is priced at $179. The nano comes in anodized aluminum in nine colors. Read the rest of the new lineup.