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Journey Revelation

Journey released today their latest album called “Revelation” featuring lead singer Arnel Pineda. The CD set contains 11 new songs, 11 re-recorded old classics,  and a DVD of Journey’s concert in Las Vegas in March. Revelation contains new songs like ‘Never Walk Away, After All These Years and Wildest Dream. Revelation is sold exclusively at WalMart for $11.98.

The album was produced by Kevin Shirley who was recently interviewed by ModernGuitars about the project. You can also read the New York Times’ review of Journey’s latest album. Idolator and Blabbermouth also joins the fray.

I’m amazed that a simple mention of either Journey, Steve Perry or Arnel Pineda in forums, blogs and in YouTube invoke impassioned sentiments I’ve never seen before. The gamut runs from die-hard Steve Perry fans, Arnel Pineda fans to just pure Journey haters.

Whichever side of the spectrum you fall in, just enjoy the music because I think this one of the better Journey albums in quite a while. I picked up my copy today. I listened to the whole album. I think it’s very good.

I’m predicting ‘Never Walk Away’ and ‘After All These Years’ will be big hits this summer. Journey will be on tour in Europe in June, then will be back in the US and Canada from July to October. Better get your tickets fast.

Here are a couple more reviews:

About Performance

Have you ever practiced flawlessly before a musical performance only to screw up at the performance. Well, that happened to me. I was playing Passapeid by Claude Debussy last Saturday and I had a couple of practice runs that were just flawless. The notes were all there and timing was just perfect. I was feeling good — then came the performance. I really don’t know what happened. I played one note a bit too long. I had to stop. I missed two measures. It’s a good thing, there was a break after that. It was just lack of concentration on my part. Well, I played it off as if nothing happened. I talked to several people afterwards, and no one even noticed. If they only knew.


Another innovative product from Apple has arrived. Its called the iPhone. It’s a cell phone, an iPod, and an internet device all wrapped in one little package. It’s powered by OS X and comes with the Safari browser and a touch screen. Like an iPod, you can play music, videos and display photos. Like the cell phone, it has all the typical features such as SMS and Voicemail. The price is a bit on the high side at $499 in my opinion. This gadget definitely possesses a “wow factor.” It also has the “I want to have one” effect on people. Is it worth the try? Not me. Not for now. The price has to go down considerably for me to get one. In the meantime, I’ll just admire the iPhone from a distance.