Apple Watch Revealed Today

Apple revealed today, the Apple Watch. It starts out at $349 with some watches as high as $10k. Pre-orders can begin April 10. Apple stores will start selling on April 24, most likely you’ll need a reservation. You just can’t walk into a store and get one, at least not in the first few weeks after its release. Here’s an article from ZDNet, PCMag, Gizmodo, ComputerWorld, and Lifehacker.

Lost in the hoopla is the reduced price of the Apple TV. It’s now sells for only $69. Let’s not forget the new super-thin Macbook. It’s thinner and lighter than the MacBook Air. It’s powered by Intel Core M. It’s fan-less and has a single USB C port that allows you to connect to everything. Gone are the USB 3.0 ports and the Display port. You have to buy a $79 dongle if you want connect to other devices or displays. I think the MacBook is a little bit underpowered. It’s a almost a cross between a tablet and laptop. The MacBook starts at $1299 and $1599.

Macbook Transformer

A Macbook turns into a spaceship, takes off and the flies out of the window. This video has been around for a couple of years. Unfortunately, the MacBook ran out of battery, a crash landed just two blocks away. Apple would not take it back, because the mod voided the warranty. Yea, right.

It’s obviously not real, but it’s very realistic.

The Most Expensive Laptop Ever

When I saw the article of the most expensive laptop ever, at first thought, it was a 17-inch MacBook Pro bought by the US government at a deep discounted price of $100,000. Then, I realized I was wrong. This particular MacBook is:

fitted with 25.5 carats of flawless diamonds. A total of 53 diamants individually set in a solid 24ct gold apple logo.

The whole housing is made of highly polished solid 24ct gold. Weighing about 2600 grams this is certainly not the most portable macbook ever, but you have to be a little light in the head if you are willing to spend the stunning amount of 219,995.00 British pounds (about $339,826.00)

The so called “piece of art” is available in a limited edition of 10 only, so if you feel the need and have the purchasing power: be quick.

If you don’t like gold personally, you can go for Platinum.

For the less privileged among us there’s also a cheaper platinum edition, made out of platinum and aluminum. Also covered with flawless diamonds.

The so called “piece of art” is available in a limited edition of 10 only, so if you feel the need and have the purchasing power: be quick.

This one is available at “just” 139.995,00 British pounds. ($216.115,00)

It’s too bad only 10 of each is available, the Pentagon could have bought these babies at a discounted price of $1 million each. That would have sent Apple stock price through the roof.