Fedora Core 6

Redhat will release Fedora Core 6 today. The Fedora website is being hammered or maybe just being updated prior to its release at 2pm today. One of the early reviews of Fedora Core 6 was written by Michael Larabel at phoronix.com while Fedora News has this press release today. If you have been trying to manually update your Linux system through yum, then good luck. It hasn’t worked for me the whole day. The Fedora servers and the bandwidth are getting killed due to the release of Fedora Core 6. Pick another day to update your system.

Bucking the Popularity

I recently had the urge to replace my Linux desktop from Fedora to Ubuntu mostly because of the popularity of the Ubuntu desktop among Linux users. I gave Ubuntu a try using Ubuntu’s Live CD. After a few hours of playing around with the desktop, I’ve decided to stick with Fedora Core 5. It’s not about the drabby brown color of the Ubuntu desktop, although I prefer the dark blue colors of Fedora. It’s all about the tools I’m familiar with in Fedora. I feel really comfortable with Fedora. I feel lost in Ubuntu. It’s ok to buck popularity for now. Maybe, in the future I can revisit Ubuntu.


I’ve learned something new today, Sudo. Sudo is a Unix command that allows system administrators to give certain users the ability to run some or all commands as root. Why? Well, I have this program called Bluefish which I use as a HTML editor. I have to run Bluefish as root to modify my webroot directory. I could have ran Bluefish as a regular user, but I didn’t want to use my home directory to shuttle back and forth the modified web pages.

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Uptime 179 Days

I just logged in to check on my neglected linux box. I am delighted to know the system has been running for 179 days. A power failure caused the last downtime. In reality, it has been over a year since I rebooted my system. Of course, I checked the logs for intrusions. I was glad to know the box is relatively secure. The system is running on Mandrake 10.0 Linux distribution on 2.6.3 kernel.