Firefox Nears 25 Percent of the Market

From Linux Journal:

Firefox, which has been growing steadily over the past several years, gained more than a quarter of a percentage point in March — a figure that may seem small, but considering the billion-plus users of the internet, represents millions of additional users. That increase brings Firefox’s share to 24.52%, within a mere half a percent of controlling one-fourth of the global browser market.

Since April 2008 (the earliest statistics available from Net Applications), Internet Explorer has lost nearly 20% of the market, dropping from over three-quarters in 2008 to well under two-thirds today.

Free Linux Training

It’s free as in beer. From Linux Journal:

A little less than a year ago, the Linux Foundation launched a program to provide a variety of training opportunities for Linux professionals. Just a few months later, the Foundation moved the program online, offering web-based sessions of select courses to reach a wider audience. On Tuesday, they took it one step further, announcing the free — as in beer — Linux Training Webinar Series.

The idea behind the Linux Foundation Training Program was to offer job training that would help fill the continuing demand for Linux professionals. The courses would be taught not by professors or lecturers, but by actual Linux developers, including the Foundation’s Technical Advisory Board which boasts names like Ted Ts’o, Jonathan Corbet, Alan Cox, and Chris Wright, among others.

Linux Journal Archive CD ROM

Linux Journal Magazine announced today it is releasing every article in the last 15 years via an Archive CD-ROM.

“With nearly 4,000 articles written by industry experts on everything from cool projects, desktop how-tos, security, embedded systems, networking, virtualization, multimedia, system administration and programming tricks and techniques” said Executive Editor Jill Franklin, “this unique collection is a must-have for every Linux enthusiast. The Archive CD-ROM contains every issue of Linux Journal, from the premiere March 1994 issue through December 2008.”

The Archive CD-ROM (ISBN: 978-0-9793220-2-0) goes on sale today, February 25, 2009 for $32.00 at What a deal!