Linpus Lite

One tiny Linux distribution worth checking out, is Linpus Lite. It’s a distribution based on Fedora especially written for netbooks and targeted for the Asian market.  My laptop, a Lenovo S10 actually is sold in Asia with Linpus Lite. Mine came with Windows XP. So, I wasn’t a surprised when my Lenovo S10 manual came with a Linpus Lite manual. Linpus, the company provides 3 products: Linpus Lite, Linpus Desktop and Linpus Media Center. I’m very curious how this distribution will work with my laptop since my hardware is an officially supported by Linpus Lite.

Here’s some of the features of Linpus Lite:

  • Kernel 2.6.20 or higher
  • Supports a wide range of resolutions – 800×480 (7), 1000×600 (10), 1280×800 (12), 640×480, 800×600
  • Desktop mgr: xfce 4.4 or higher
  • Supports easy mode and normal mode, both fully compatible w/i generic linux
  • Web 2.0 & well modularity (html/css, java, flash plugin, …)
  • Supports in’tl open standards w/i lsb/gb18030/ cns11643 certificates
  • Utf-8 environment w/i 18+ languages support
  • En/tc/sc/fr/de/it/es/pl/pt/hu/ru/cz/no/fi/dk/sv/ko/jp
  • Journaling file system w/i efficient algorithms to extend ssd life cycle for intense write-in ops
  • Unifs+ ext3 + squash fs (read-only)
  • Ssd (solid-state drive)(nand flash ide interface), hdd (ide & sata) non swap swap file
  • Fine tuning & efficient power savings
  • Hot-key system recovery in case of crash
  • Easy for maintenance through on-line update
  • (Option) opengl + 3d desktop
  • (Option) touch panel + pen-based environment & apps
  • (Option) connectivity supports through gsm, gprs, 3g, 3.5g

Android on Mini Laptops

Android sounds like a robot, but it is actually a Linux distribution by Google. Acer, the third largest PC maker will offer Android to its mini laptops. It will compete with several Linux distributions like gOS, Linpus and Ubuntu’s Netbook Remix among others. Most of all, Google is now a competitor of Microsoft in the OS market. Currently, most mini laptops are powered by Windows XP since Vista, Microsoft’s flagship OS is too slow and resource hungry to run the underpowered mini laptops. The Android offering is going to be attractive to consumers since Google already has the brand, the online office applications and Chrome, its own browser.