In 2006, scientists demoted Pluto from planet to dwarf planet. Technically it’s still a planet. It’s just not a very big one, but we all knew that. And why use the word “planet” at all because it creates a lot of confusion. Unless scientists are willing to drop the word “planet” altogether and just call Pluto a dwarf. But, that would not be politically correct. I think the politically correct word for dwarf is little person. Should we call Pluto a little person? Now, that we have closeup pictures and more data of Pluto these past few days, will we see a promotion back to planet? The latest pictures indicate that Pluto has mountains and water. It even has five moons, that’s four more than what we have. Hopefully, scientists should reconsider and call Pluto for what it is, a planet. A small planet. Then, we can avoid all the political correctness by not involving all the little people.

Tech Heaven and Hell

We’ve heard this joke:

Definition of Heaven:
The Italians are the lovers. The French are the cooks. The Germans are the mechanics. The English are the police. The Swiss run the government.

Definition of Hell:
The Swiss are the lovers. The English are the cooks. The French are the mechanics. The Germans are the police. The Italians run the government.

Here’s the tech version of the joke:

Technology Heaven:
Intel runs the management. Apple does the design and construction. Microsoft does the marketing. IBM provides the support. Gateway sets the price.

Technology Hell:
Apple runs the management. Microsoft does design and construction. IBM does the marketing. Gateway provides the support. Intel sets the price.


Technology Hell:
Microsoft does everything.

This joke is not meant to be offensive to Italians, French, Germans, British, Swiss, Intel, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Gateway, lovers, cooks, mechanics, police, government employees, managers, designers, marketers, tech support, and whoever sets pricing. Most of all, it wasn’t meant to be offensive to heaven and hell. That should cover just about everybody.