Google Nexus One

What’s all the hoopla surrounding the Google Nexus One smartphone? The numbers are in after 1 week. The Nexus One sold just 20,000 units in its first week. Not exactly solid numbers compared to other phones. From ZDNet.

That compares with 250,000 units sold for the Motorola Droid and 60,000 units sold for the T-Mobile myTouch 3G in their first week, according to the research.

It pales in comparison with Apple’s iPhone GS.

Wondering about the Apple iPhone 3GS, by the way? That’s 1.6 million in its first week, according to the study.

Not exactly a great start, but how you finish, I guess.

G1 Impressions

T-Mobile just announced the G1 phone, an Android-powered phone scheduled for release on October 22 for $179 with a two year committment. Android is an open and free mobile platform from Google.

From the hardware perspective, the G1 is slightly bulkier than the iPhone at 5.6 ounces. The G1’s screen is a bit smaller at 3.17 inches compared to the iPhone’s at 3.5 inch. The difference is offset by the G1’s full QWERTY keyboard.

The G1 is capable of synchronizing to online applications automatically. The phone can be configured with instant messaging and pop or imap email. The Google Browser and Google Search works with a Wifi signal.

The other cool application that runs on the G1 is Google Maps. The G1 comes with GPS and is capable of running Google’s Street View. The phone comes with a built-in compass. Pointing the phone in any direction changes the vantage point of Street View. A very cool feature indeed.

In terms of music, the G1 music player is capable of playing MP3, WMA, AAC and Ogg Vorbis files. The OGG format is welcome addition to open-source fans since OGG format is open and patent-free.

Unfortunately, there is no video player for the G1. The other drawback is T-Mobile 3G service is only available in 21 markets, otherwise the G1 has to use an older EDGE network.


Meebo web interface: I recently started using Meebo, an online browser-based instant messaging. Meebo allows users to combine instant messaging on a single webpage. Meebo works with several chat networks: AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ and Jabber.

There is no software to install. Meebo will run on any computer with a browser and internet access. Meebo allows users to combine chat buddies in a singe buddy list. You can use your existing IM accounts, or get a free Meebo login to chat across all networks with a single id.

The Meebo interface is also capable of playing games, video conference, transfer files, and so much more, all from the web browser. There is another feature is called Rocket man, it’s a shiny rocket ship in the Meebo IM window which allows you to launch and select any application to launch with your buddy.

In addition to the web interface, Meebo has other products and offerings.

Meebo Me: is a piece of code that you place in your web page. It allows you to chat with anyone who comes to your blog or web page. Your visitors show up in your Meebo buddylist so you can strike up a conversation, answer questions, or just keep tabs on guests. You can also publish your online status so friends can see if you’re available when they visit your site.

Meebo for iPhone: Meebo brings IM to the Apple iPhone. Just point to on the iPhone or iPod touch and chat on the go. Effortlessly flick through your buddies. The smart buddylist makes it easy to keep up with all your conversations. No downloads are required and it’s free.

Firefox Extention: Instant messaging across all the major IM networks is now built right into your browser. The Meebo Firefox Extension gives you a sidebar with a smart buddylist and visual notifications when your friends IM you. Drag internet links and images directly to your buddies, all while surfing the Web!

Meebo Repeater: Meebo Repeater is a software download for people who want to chat safely when their IM access is restricted. Just install the repeater on a computer that can access the Web freely, and then use that computer to bounce the signal to Meebo. It’s simple and secure.

How Much Will the iPhone Cost You?

Well, for starters, let’s start with the price of the phone. Do you want the 4GB or the 8GB? It’s $500 for the 4GB unit and $600 with the higher memory. Go for the 8GB unit for a $100 more. Throw in the AT&T phone plan, the cheapest being $60 per month and the range can run up all the way to a $100 per month. And by the way, you are locked in for 2 years.

You’ll need accessories. You will need at least a bluetooth headset which retails for $130. The iPhone Dual Dock which charges the iPhone and your Bluetooth device goes for $50. Let’s stop there. We may have overspent our budget already.

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Circle June 29th on your calendar for those waiting for the latest Apple gadget, the iPhone. Apple will start selling the much anticipated, hyped-filled phone in partnership with AT&T for a measly $499. If that’s not enough for you, double the memory to the 8gb model for just $599. The biggest detraction to owning one for most people is the sticker shock. I rather invest in a digital SLR. Will it sell? Probably. It’s Apple and people love Apple products. If you invest that much, it better not scratch easily as the iPod.


Another innovative product from Apple has arrived. Its called the iPhone. It’s a cell phone, an iPod, and an internet device all wrapped in one little package. It’s powered by OS X and comes with the Safari browser and a touch screen. Like an iPod, you can play music, videos and display photos. Like the cell phone, it has all the typical features such as SMS and Voicemail. The price is a bit on the high side at $499 in my opinion. This gadget definitely possesses a “wow factor.” It also has the “I want to have one” effect on people. Is it worth the try? Not me. Not for now. The price has to go down considerably for me to get one. In the meantime, I’ll just admire the iPhone from a distance.