Word Lens Is Amazing

Word Lens. I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but if you haven’t, you have to see this video. The name of the software is Word Lens, a perfect companion for travelers that need translation. Word Lens is able to read the text images from the iPhone camera and translate it to another language almost instantaneously. Watch!

Word Lens is free to download, but you’ll need to buy a language pack. Each language pack cost $4.99. If you need translation the other way, it’s going to be $9.99. That’s good, I guess, for English speakers. The coolest part about this application is that, you don’t need to be online for it to work. All you need to do is point the phone’s camera in the direction that need translation.

If you’re not iPhone user, don’t fret. Quest Visual, the company behind Word Lens, plans to have the software released to other phone platforms: Android, Blackberry and Windows 7, in the near future.

Just a couple more things worth mentioning. Word Lens’ text recognition software works optimally on well-lighted signs. Don’t expect Word Lens to work in the dark. The other limitation is, Word Lens is not designed to read eBooks, but it recognizes a few words. I’m curious how big the vocabulary is for each language pack. How accurate is it?

WordPress on Your Smart Phone

If you own several WordPress blogs and you want to manage your blogs from your smartphone, there are several WordPress applications that are available for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia.

WordPress for the iOS is an iPhone application that will let you manage your blog from your iPhone and the iPad. You can create or edit posts and pages, and add images, videos, and comments to your blog with ease. Download the WordPress for iOS from Apple’s website for free. You can also visit the WordPress for iOS blog.

WordPress for Android is an Android application that’s available in the Android Market. Just search for WordPress and install the application that’s published by Automattic. You also might want to visit the WordPress for Android blog. Here’s a preview of WordPress for Android app in the video below. See how easy it is to manage blogs from the Android.

WordPress for Blackberry is an application that allows you to write posts, upload photos and videos, edit pages, and manage comments in the Blackberry phone. The application will run on BlackBerry devices starting with the 8700, Curve, Pearl, Bold, Storm, Storm2  and the Tour. BlackBerry Device Software (OS) Version 4.5 minimum is required. Visit the WordPress for Blackberry blog.

WordPress for Nokia is an application that allows to edit your existing blog content, add new posts and pages, or simply manage comments from your Nokia smartphone. WordPress for Nokia allows you manage your blog from your S60 or Maemo-powered Nokia phone. Visit the WordPress for Nokia blog. Download the application. Older phones may not be supported.

Edit Google Docs in Android, iPhone, iPad

If you have an Android smartphone, Google just made editing Google Docs possible on your smartphone. The new application will work on any Android 2.2 powered device as well as the iPhone or iPad running iOS 3.0+.

I’ve been using a lot of OpenOffice and Google Docs the last year. I don’t miss MS Office suite at all. Now that editing Google Docs are available on smartphones is an added bonus. Edits can be made in real time. If someone edits a document, you can see the results as well.

Editing tables and spreadsheets are a breeze. Just choose a spreasheet cell and edit away. You can also enter text using your voice. That’s the coolest part of the whole app.

California is an iPhone State

It looks like I live in a state (California), where the iPhone, is the popular choice. The report is based on the Retrovo Gadget Census. See map below. The map details which smart phone is popular state by state. It’s no surprise that the iPhone dominates California since Apple’s headquarters is in Silicon Valley.

What was surprising, is that the iPhone is also popular in the Southeast region of the country, the northern states as well as in West Virginia of all places. What even more interesting is, the iPhone is also popular in the state of Washington. Where are the Window 7 phones?

The Android in the other hand, dominates the Midwest, Alaska and Hawaii.

What does the graph tell us? Not much. You can draw your own conclusions. It could just be, that the local providers in each state, have a lot to do with it more than we think. It could be about economic status. What do you think?

Does Steve Jobs Really Hate The Android?

Does Steve Jobs really hate the Android? Probably not. Hate is a such strong word. But he does have to play the part. That part is, where he puts down his competition and promotes his own product.  Jobs claimed that the Android is too fragmented?

Jobs’ comment about fragmentation is based on Twitter Deck’s challenge to develop software for hundreds of handsets. Supporters of the Android were quick to point out that Android development is focused only in three versions of the Android. Versions 1.5, 1.6 and 2.1, and half of the devices these days run on version 2.1.

iPhone development is based on tight control, while the Android is based on open development. There is good reason that both approaches can work. At the moment, the Android is ahead of the iPhone and the Blackberry in terms of market share. And that is probably the reason why Steve Jobs is acting the way he does.

iPhone 4 More Prone to Glass Breaks

First came antenna-gate. Now the glass break-gate. The iPhone 4 is more prone to breaking than its predecessor the iPhone 3GS by a whopping 82%, according to SquareTrade. Fifteen percent of owners reported having a broken glass within the first 12 months. One quarter of the breaks were from the rear of the device. That’s what people get for buying a device made of glass. If the iPhone 4 is that fragile, Apple should provide a titanium case for every iPhone 4 for free.

iPhone Is A Ripoff

Don’t shoot me. I’m just the messenger. I just read a ComputerWorld article called ‘5 Ways iPhone users get ripped off.’ It speaks of iPhone users overpaying for services and features they don’t even use. It details how iPhone users tend overpay from the data plan, tethering and applications they don’t even use. Users also pay when jumping carriers and when recommitting to a new contract.

The author seems to focus a lot about AT&T, but not the iPhone itself, which in my opinion is an expensive piece of hardware. Anyways, you can read more about the article and form your own opinion. In the end, every user has to make an assessment if the iPhone is worth throwing away all that money. It seems that there might be a cheaper or a better alternative.

Install Android on the iPhone

Installing the Andriod operating system on your iPhone is certainly doable. That’s if you’re brave enough to try it. It has to be a jailbroken iPhone2G or an iPhone 3G with firmware versions 2.0 and 3.1.2. By the way, the hack will not work on the latest iPhone 3GS as well as the iPod Touch and the iPad. And one more thing, there is a great possibility that you can brick your iPhone if you don’t follow the detailed instructions. If you are still interested in running Android on the iPhone, you can check out this blog post as well as read the instructions found here.

Dropbox on the Phone

Dropbox is now accessible via your phone. The message from Dropbox.


Have you ever wanted to use your Dropbox but didn’t have a computer nearby? Dropbox’s mobile website (http://m.dropbox.com) makes it happen. With Dropbox mobile, you can browse and open files in your Dropbox directly from your phone or mobile device’s browser.

If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, download the Dropbox App for an even better experience. It’s free!

Do you own a Blackberry or Android phone? Don’t worry! We’ve got plenty more mobile magic coming soon!

Happy syncing!
-The Dropbox Team