IE 9 Beta

Microsoft just released IE 9 Beta 1 which promises to be faster and standards compliant. We will see. But IE 9 has lots of competition from Chrome and Firefox these days. In order for IE 9 to stand out above its competition, it really needs to address security issues that has plague previous IE versions, as well as sticking with the tried and true industry standards.

In addition, IE 9 needs to keep up with speed improvements gained by Chrome and Firefox. For non-technical Windows users, IE 9 will most likely become their default browsers. However, most techies will most likely gravitate to a browser that gives them security, functionality and speed. That means usually either Firefox or Chrome.

Can IE 9 make a difference?

Firefox Nears 25 Percent of the Market

From Linux Journal:

Firefox, which has been growing steadily over the past several years, gained more than a quarter of a percentage point in March — a figure that may seem small, but considering the billion-plus users of the internet, represents millions of additional users. That increase brings Firefox’s share to 24.52%, within a mere half a percent of controlling one-fourth of the global browser market.

Since April 2008 (the earliest statistics available from Net Applications), Internet Explorer has lost nearly 20% of the market, dropping from over three-quarters in 2008 to well under two-thirds today.

Hardware Issues

My Linux desktop is sick. It’s having a hardware problem. It’s causing the kernel to panic. The mouse freezes and keyboard is flashing. At times, it causes the OS to shutdown. It doesn’t matter what distro I install. I tried the last 4 Ubuntu releases, Linux Mint 7, Linux Mint 8 and Fedora 12. I haven’t figured out yet if it’s a memory or a motherboard problem. I have eliminated just about everything else including power supply, CD, DVD, sound card and graphics card. It’s probably a memory issue. So now, I’m stuck on a Windows XP machine.

Interesting news today. The French and German government are sending out warnings to those who use IE as the fallout of the Google and China IE Zero Day security hack reverberates worldwide. Microsoft is directing users to use IE 8 instead. I say move to either Firefox, Safari or Chrome. I abandoned IE 5 years ago for the same reason. Some call for dumping IE now.

If you contemplating in interviewing with Google, better Google about what Google could possibly ask you during the interview, because Google, the company, tend to ask very tough interview questions. It’s interesting to hear about Google’s hiring policy, in that it focuses on super bright, intelligent people, which doesn’t seem to always translate to the best workers or workers with great interpersonal skills or better yet, workers with common sense.

Should Fedora release Fedora 13? For superstitious folks, thirteen is an unlucky number. Nevertheless, Fedora is forging ahead. Fedora 13 benchmarks are out, along with Ubuntu 10.04.

Another IE Hole

Well, another IE hole. This is from the Dow Jones Newswires:

The cyberattack that has prompted Google Inc. (GOOG) to threaten to pull out of China exploited a previously unknown vulnerability in Microsoft Corp.’s (MSFT) Internet Explorer browser, a security research firm said Thursday.

The attackers took aim at Google and numerous other corporations by targeting one or a few key individuals in each company, tricking them into clicking on a link or a file that appeared to have been sent from a trusted source, said McAfee Inc. (MFE) Chief Technology Officer George Kurtz in a blog post.

This enabled malicious software to be downloaded and installed on the targets’ corporate computers, opening back doors that allowed the attackers to perform reconnaissance and gain complete control over the compromised systems, said Kurtz.

The attackers, believed to be in China, had identified high value targets with access to intellectual property and were able to siphon off valuable data from the companies, he said.

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