IE 8 Contest

Ten grand is buried here. Nice try Microsoft. I’m not going to change browser for $10,000 I know I’ll never win. If Microsoft really wants to give away $10,000, why does it have to involved ditching your browser in lieu of their browser. It says, “it’s cleverly concealed webpage that only IE 8 can view.” Is it because IE 8 does not follow standards and it’s written in a code that only IE 8 can view? That’s funny. It should really say, “cleverly concealed” marketing inside. The best part of all, it ends it by saying, “Tell your friends. It’s not as stupid as it sounds.”

Microsoft 7 without IE in Europe

Microsoft has agreed to remove Internet Explorer 8 from Windows 7 in Europe to comply with European laws. Regulators are saying that the inclusion of IE8 to the Windows 7 operating system violates antitrust laws. This is good news for Firefox, which by the way, have a strong following in Europe. IE will most likely lose market share. Other browsers like Firefox, Opera and Safari will pick up the slack. It’s only a question of how much market share will IE lose. Will we see a similar antitrust law against Microsoft in the US? Probably not. Microsoft gets a free pass in the US and antitrust laws are just not the same as Europe. Microsoft plans to roll out IE8 in the US and elsewhere outside of Europe.