Movies at

You can now watch movies at on the very same day when the DVD comes out. Wal-Mart bought eighteen months ago and is now poised to serve over 20,000 movie titles online. breaks down the price structure like this:

Movies are available at to rent for $1 to $5.99 or to purchase for $4.99 and up. Wal-Mart is not offering subscriptions, making its service more similar to Apple Inc.’s iTunes, which charges $3.99 to rent newly released movies and $14.99 to buy a movie.

In addition to Netflix, another competitor streaming movies and TV shows by subscription is, which now offers a premium service for $7.99 a month with more back-season shows and more movies. Without a subscription, Hulu viewers can watch shows and movies free in exchange for watching advertising.

The online streaming companies, Apple, Netflix and Hulu, now have legitimate competition from Wal-Mart. And it’s cheaper.

Hulu Plus vs Netflix

Which is better? For the same amount of $9.99, you can watch Hulu Plus and Netflix online. Hulu offers the current TV shows from ABC, NBC and Fox sans CBS. Meanwhile, Netflix offers an extensive list of movies and TV shows. Over 20,000 movies available for streaming. Hulu offers 2,000 TV shows available for streaming.

One advantage Neflix has over Hulu is, Netflix will run on Playstation 3, XBox and the Wii. However, Hulu will stream on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Netflix has no commercials. Hulu does. In terms of high definition, Hulu seems to have a higher resolution.

If you are movie hoard, you can subscribe to both. You’ll get the best of both worlds.