Malware on Hard Drives

Kapersky Labs have uncovered a malware that exists on hard drives. They say it’s a piece of work by a group called the Equation group. Or it could be the work of NSA. The malware is so sophisticated that there’s no known tool to remove them. The malware can rewrite the firmware of hard drives. They are¬†impossible to detect, let alone remove. The Equation group has been known as far back as 2001.

Selling Antivirus Software To A Linux User

Selling Antivirus software to a Linux user will probably not get you anywhere. On a recent trip to Frys Electronics, I was asked by a sales associate if I wanted to take advantage of a 50% discount on Antivirus software if combined with a purchase of a hard drive. I politely declined.

I wasn’t going to explain to him why I didn’t need it, but he tried selling it to me one more time. So, I finally told him that I’m a Linux user, and I don’t get viruses. So, that was the end of the conversation. I really hated doing that, sounding so smug and everything, but sometimes, you got to do what got to do.

I was only half serious about getting a hard drive anyways, since prices have gone up at least 10% due to the short supply, mainly due to the flood in Thailand that’s causing shortfall of hard drives to retailers and PC manufacturers alike. It’s probably not the best time to get a hard drive anyways. At least, not until the waters subside, and the supply side gets sorted out.

3 Terabyte Hard Drives

It won’t be long now before 3 Terabyte hard drives will roam the earth. Seagate is currently developing 3TB drives with transfer speeds of 6GB per second and spinning at 7200 rpm. This is made possible by the development of 640GB and 750GB drive platters, up from the current 500GB. A 2TB hard drive is made up of 4 x 500GB platters. A 3TB hard drive equates to 4 x 750GB platters. Also, you will see in the upcoming months improvements in 2.5 laptop hard drives with the development of the 1TB drives.