It’s Official No More Gimp in Ubuntu

The latest decision by the Ubuntu development team to exclude Gimp in future releases of Ubuntu was a bit of a head scratcher. I wondered why Gimp had to be taken out of future releases of Ubuntu.

Gimp is a powerful program for editing graphics that we all love. It offers everyone an alternative tool to Adobe’s Photoshop. It’s rich in features and capabilities. Although it not quite up to par with Photoshop, it certainly can hold its own.

Ubuntu developers explained the reasoning behind the removal. They said Gimp was too complicated, too intimidating to casual users. Too complicated? And Linux is not? Gimp developers seem to agree about leaving it out.

So, with no Gimp in Ubuntu’s future, users are encouraged to use F-Spot, a mono application I might add. And that may not even stick. Developers are already talking about replacing F-Spot with Shotwell or Gthumb.

The good news is it’s easy to install Gimp. It will probably be the first application I will install after installing Ubuntu. That’s if I’m still using Ubuntu.