LED Lamps In Demand

If you’ve been to a hardware store lately, you’ll find that traditional flashlights are disappearing. Flashlights with light bulbs are being replaced with flashlights with LED lights. Manufacturers are turning to LEDs for various reasons. The most important reason is LEDs use less energy. A restaurant chain recently switched all of its 827 restaurants to LED lights to save 3.7 million a year in electricity. In addition, LEDs are durable with lifetimes greater than the traditional light bulb. Brightness of LEDs have also improve over the years making them a viable option.

Is Paper Greener than Digital?

Is paper more greener than digital? We have been programmed to think that reducing paper consumption is good for the planet. You’ll be surprised with a ZDNet article arguing that going digital usually means more harm to the environment than what is usually perceived. In the article, the author writes how digital devices require more raw materials to build, require more power to operate, and unfortunately create more trash.