How Google Uses Ubuntu

I have been an Ubuntu evangelist for many years. I’ve been writing about Linux, and mostly about Ubuntu. The article written by Ubuntu Vibes is a confirmation that I’m not crazy after all.

One of the biggest technology companies in the world, Google, is in fact using Ubuntu. Ubuntu Vibes covered a recent Ubuntu Development Summit and had this to say about Google’s developer Thomas Bushnell.

“He starts by saying ‘Precise Rocks’ and that many Google employees use Ubuntu including managers, software engineers, translators, people who wrote original Unix, people who have no clue about Unix etc. Many developers working on Chrome and Android use Ubuntu and his cook in Google office uses Kubuntu.”

In addition, Google has a custom version of Ubuntu called Goobuntu which is based on the Ubuntu LTS or Long Term Support. You can read more about what Google is doing with Linux at Ubuntu Vibes.

Google Drive 5GB For Free

Based on rumors, it looks like Google will release a new service called Google Drive in a couple of weeks. Google Drive will compete with Dropbox, iCloud, Box and host of other online storage and collaboration services.

The word on the street is, Google Drive users will receive 5GB for free, a much higher value than previously anticipated. Potentially, Google can sweeten the deal by making the integration of its other services a key selling point.

Integration with GMail and Google Docs can take Google Drive over the top above other competitors. I would pay to see Google Docs having the ability to save files on Google Drive. If Google were to allow such a thing, it would be an instant hit.

What a combo that will be.

Create Your Own Google+ ID Card

Create your own Google+ ID card at Hangout Graphics. If you haven’t joined Google+ yet, sign up. To get your own ID card, you will need to provide your Google ID number, and the date you joined Google Plus. Hangout Graphics will then spit out an image after you click submit. Finding out your Google ID number takes a little bit of searching. I found mine under Google+ Settings > Privacy. Getting the date when you first joined Google+ is the tricky one. I ended up digging in my email to look for then message when I first got the Google+ invitation.

Get your own Google+ ID card.

A Newly Redesigned GMail

Look for Google to announce in the upcoming weeks the newly redesigned GMail. Google recently slipped a video (see below) of the newly redesigned GMail. The new look and feel will give users the power to customize their email that way they want it. Most likely, integration with other Google services such as Google+ and Google Docs is in order.

I can’t wait for this to happen. What do you think?

Companies Should Stop Paying Microsoft

Here’s a list of companies that pay Microsoft for selling Android. As crazy as that may sound, these companies are willfully emptying their wallets as if Microsoft is holding a gun to their head. Velocity Micro, General Dynamics Itronix, Onkyo Corporation, Wistron Corporation and HTC head the list of companies that are paying Microsoft for their Android products. In addition, Barnes & Noble, and Samsung are being sued by Microsoft on the same grounds that the Android OS infringes on Microsoft patents and companies who use the platform needs to pay up. Companies should really stop paying the Microsoft “tax” until the patent infringements can be proven in court. I don’t know exactly what these companies are thinking by letting Microsoft bully them into making deals. Let Microsoft sue Google, and let the courts decide the outcome. There’s no sense of paying Microsoft now for something that may not even materialize in the future. Crazy.

Google to Rename Picasa and Blogger

Google plans to rename Picasa and Blogger. Picasa will become Google Photos. Blogger will become Google Blogs. This is all part of an effort to rebrand some of the older Google products with a Google name on them. Picasa was acquired by Google in 2004, while Blogger was acquired back in 2003. I still think Google made a mistake by buying Blogger, albeit WordPress was first released on May 27, 2003. Clearly, WordPress is the better blog platform now. Read more about the rebranding of Picasa and Blogger from Mashable.

Could Chrome Replace Firefox in Ubuntu

Reports have been confirmed that Firefox performance in Linux is considerably slower than in Windows or the Mac. So, why is Firefox performance slow in Linux? It seems to be a matter of priority. Less priority that is. Firefox developers have been focused on Windows, addressing issues where the majority of Firefox users are based.

Mozilla seemed to place less emphasis on Linux development. Mozilla is aware of these issues and are trying to fix them. Potentially, Canonical can replace Firefox with Chrome if performance continuous to be perceived as slow. Mozilla can potentially lose millions of dollars if this were to happen.

Mozilla receives millions of dollars from Google for making Google Search the default search engine for Firefox in Ubuntu. The growth of Firefox have slowed down considerably as Chrome continues to eat away the browser market share. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chrome becomes the default browser in the future, not only because of performance, but because it makes perfect sense.

After all, the Chrome browser is the centerpiece of the Chrome OS.

Technology and Food Ads

So much for content ads. It was long understood that Google Ads were based on content. So, if your blog or website is about technology, you will most likely get served with ads about technology, but it’s not always the case.

Lately, one of my ads have been about food. What does food have anything to do with technology? Well, I guess there are exceptions. I never really figured out why certain ads will show up that are completely unrelated to my content.

I know all geeks needs to eat, but shouldn’t the ads be about technology, like hosting, iPad 2, the cloud, etc. So, why Groupon Foods or pizza? Anyways, it’s making me hungry.

Just some interesting observations. That is all.