See What Google Docs Presentation Can Do

Kudos to Gizmodo for this. I saw this video this morning, of the Google Docs Presentation and what it can do. It’s very impressive. You just going to have to see it to believe it. See YouTube video below. The 450 page presentation was done only with Google Docs and no other software. Don’t expect your presentation to resemble the one below, because the 450 page presentation was sped up at least 5 times for all 450 pages to be displayed in about 45 seconds. Nevertheless, it’s pretty impressive.

Office Suite For The Mac

I recently bought a 13 inch MacBook Air and I’m loving it. I’ve downloaded several programs, mostly open-source to stay productive, but there is one piece of software glaringly missing. I don’t have an Office suite. Yes, no word processor, no spreadsheet and no presentation software.

Of course, there are many options. There’s Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Student 2011 which retails for $150. There is also Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business which sells for $280. Apple has a product called iWorks which retails for $80.

Then, there are several open-source options. OpenOffice is available for download. LibreOffice is not quite not there yet. It’s in Beta and is months away from being a general release. Then, there’s Google Docs, which is accessible anywhere, and in any platform.

Currently, Google Docs is currently my choice. I might switch to LibreOffice later when it becomes available. I’m trying to avoid OpenOffice if at all possible, only because it’s Oracle. iWorks is a good possibility. Microsoft Office for the Mac is a long shot and maybe out of the question.

What Office suite should I use?

Edit Google Docs in Android, iPhone, iPad

If you have an Android smartphone, Google just made editing Google Docs possible on your smartphone. The new application will work on any Android 2.2 powered device as well as the iPhone or iPad running iOS 3.0+.

I’ve been using a lot of OpenOffice and Google Docs the last year. I don’t miss MS Office suite at all. Now that editing Google Docs are available on smartphones is an added bonus. Edits can be made in real time. If someone edits a document, you can see the results as well.

Editing tables and spreadsheets are a breeze. Just choose a spreasheet cell and edit away. You can also enter text using your voice. That’s the coolest part of the whole app.

OpenOffice Isn’t Dead

A recent article by ZDNet article said that OpenOffice is dead. Is it really? There are thousands who use OpenOffice on a daily basis. How could it be dead? Google Docs may be a better alternative to MSOffice, but it won’t work offline. To most people, OpenOffice is still the right choice over MSOffice because of cost. Granted not too many people use it, but to say it’s dead is like saying Safari and Opera browsers are dead because they don’t have too many users. They may not have the numbers, but each have their own loyal following. By no means it’s dead.