Oh Noes Twitter Is Down

I haven’t seen this from Twitter in a while. It looks like Twitter is having major issues. It’s the end of the world I tell you. First was Google Talk at 4am this morning. Now, it’s Twitter. What’s next? Just think of all those missed tweets. How can we have the Olympics with Twitter being down.

I think the Olympics broke it. Well, at least the blogs are up and running. So, where’s the fail whale? I miss that guy. Instead, we have this page that I was able to capture. Now, we know the real cause of the problem based on the explanation below.

For some <%= reason %> it’s down. Well, that explains it. When do we figure the service will be back on? Of course, it will be back on <%= deadline %>. Everybody knew that. Come on.

250 Billion Tweets and Counting

Twitter had 250 billion tweets in 2010. It also added 100 million new users. An amazing growth for a company that’s only been around for a few years. Twitter has also improved its infrastructure exponentially, being able to support growth while minimizing downtimes. I haven’t seen or heard the fail whale for quite some time. That’s a good thing. The last I heard was during the World Cup this past summer. I might have missed one or two along the way.

So, what’s new this year? Twitter’s development team continued to innovate and add value to the Twitter’s experience, by cranking out new features, such as a new homepage, embedded media, tlists, and so on. And what do I expect next year? Twitter will probably double its record number of tweets. Maybe add a few more hundred million users. How about a trillion tweets. Why not.

Finally, there’s a nice story in the San Francisco Chronicle about the artist who drew the infamous fail whale.

Twitter Fail Whale

I love Twitter, but occasionally it’s over capacity. Too many tweets they say. It looks like today is another “fail whale” day. Consider yourself lucky because I haven’t seen “fail whale” in a while. PCMag says it’s a system-wide issue. Twitter said the problem has been addressed, but it’s not 100% there yet. It means they are probably rebooting their servers or something along those lines.

Now, some people predict Twitter will explode during the World Cup. As long as they don’t mean blowing up or detonating the whale. The last thing we want is a messy whale carcass all over the screen. Yes, I predict Twitter will be very popular during the month long tournament. Twitter better be ready because the World Cup starts in just 2 days.

Twitter Goes Mobile In Japan

Japan always seems to be at the edge of technology. So, it doesn’t surprise me a bit that Japan would go mobile first with Twitter before the United States. What does it take for Twitter to launch a mobile website going? Well, maybe a few dozens servers and load balancing at the very least, because the Twitter’s infamous fail whale began showing up on a few mobile phones.