I send about a dozen faxes a month. I thought about having my own fax machine and separate phone line, but the amount of fax I send each month didn’t merit buying a fax machine, buying extra supplies and paying for an extra phone line.

So, I’ve decided to find a cheaper solution. Perhaps, something for free. A quick Google search did the trick for me. I found FaxZero.com several months ago. Now, I send my faxes electronically via web for FREE.

Faxzero allows me to send two faxes a day. The only catch is, there is a 3 page limit, and the fax comes with an ad which I don’t mind at all. Sending a premium fax will cost me $1.99 payable through Paypal. Still, not bad. Premium fax contains no ads, a 15 page limit and priority delivery.

Try Faxzero!