Best Features of Linux 2.6.31

SVN writes about the best 5 features of Linux 2.6.31. The latest kernel has support for USB 3.0. It has improved desktop speed by a whopping 50%. I can’t wait to see this. There are also file system improvements with ext4 file system. I’m already running ext4. It also has graphics support for the Intel i915 and ATI Radeon graphics family. I have an old nVidia 5200. Finally, the last but not least, it supports Wireless-n or 802.11n. I can’t wait to see this on the latest Linux Ubuntu distribution. Karmic, are you close?

What is your Linux file system?

Everyone has their own favorite Linux file system. I’m currently using ext4 since it’s relatively new. The ext4 file system seems to be faster when doing file system checks during boot up. It’s also downward compatible to ext3 and ext2 file systems. Plus it supports file sizes up to 16 terabytes. A few years ago, I used ReiserFS back in my Mandrake days. Have your say.

Poll closed.

Karmic Koala

The next Ubuntu release is still months away, but it’s not too early to talk about Ubuntu 9.10 codename Karmic Koala. Expect Ubuntu 9.10 to contain a new Linux Kernel 2.6.30 with UXA Kernel Mode Setting support for Intel graphic cards, Gnome 2.27.1, the ext4 file system comes by default, and Grub 2.0. Karmic Koala is currently in Alpha 2.

Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Highlights

  • Linux Kernel 2.6.30
  • UXA support for Intel graphics cards
  • Gnome 2.27.1
  • Default ext4 filesystem
  • Grub 2

Fedora 11

The long awaited Fedora 11 is finally here. Delayed by two weeks, the Fedora Project Team finally announced just moments ago the release of Fedora 11 a.k.a. Leonidas. You can download Fedora 11 on single CD with either a Gnome or a KDE environment. Fedora boasts a 20 second boot time using the default Ext4 file system. Fedora 11 comes with new versions of KDE 4.2.2 and Gnome 2.26.1, Firefox 3.5 Beta, Thunderbird 3 Beta, new artwork and a host of other things. Read more.