Is Paper Greener than Digital?

Is paper more greener than digital? We have been programmed to think that reducing paper consumption is good for the planet. You’ll be surprised with a ZDNet article arguing that going digital usually means more harm to the environment than what is usually perceived. In the article, the author writes how digital devices require more raw materials to build, require more power to operate, and unfortunately create more trash.

Analog TV is no more


If you’re old school and you turned on your TV this morning and all you got was this black and white static screen, well, you’ve probably been hiding in a cave or just woke up from a long sleep. Today marks the day TV stations across the United States have turned off all their analog signals. Despite the long warning and a delay of the switch, originally it was set for February 17, still a million households across the United States do not have digital converters. Neilsen says the figure is closer to 5.8 million. The government has been giving away digital converters for free, but some areas have run out. The government is still accepting coupon requests and offering technical support at 1-888-CALL-FCC. One thing about digital signal, it either on or off. Either you get it or you don’t. You won’t get the ghostly images you saw on analog TVs like in the old days when the signal is weak. So, who benefits from this switch? The government does to a tune of $19.6 billion. I didn’t know the US government was in the electronics business.