Install DD-WRT on Cisco E1200

The Cisco E1200 is a relatively inexpensive wireless access point. I bought one from Amazon for under $50 dollars. It’s a Wireless-N device with transmit speeds to up to 300mbps. It operates in the 2.4Mhz band, with two internal antennas, and four Fast Ethernet ports. It comes with Cisco Connect, and support for IPV6, as well as a guest access feature.

It gets even better. Starting in the spring of this year, DD-WRT open-source firmware is now supported on this device. DD-WRT will give the Cisco E1200 stability, and features that you normally see only on high-end wireless routers. With DD-WRT, you can create virtual networks or guest networks just like on the original Cisco firmware. Plus, you’ll get a ton of other features.

You can purchase the E1200 for under $50 dollars. There are two versions of the E1200. Depending on what you end up with, you can download the appropriate DD-WRT firnware for the E1200 version 1 or version 2.

Finally, here’s a screenshot of my Cisco E1200 running DD-WRT.

Wi-Fi Direct

The Wi-Fi Alliance group is currently working on a new specification called Wi-Fi Direct. The new spec will let phones, laptops, appliances connect without joining a traditional network. The Wi-Fi Alliance made up of Intel, Apple and Cisco plans to have the technology available to the market in mid-2010. Systems without Wi-Fi direct can be updated with software updates. Is this the end of BlueTooth?

Cisco Replaces GM

Cisco will join the Dow on June 8. It will replace GM who has filed for bankruptcy. The automotive giant held the position for 83 years, second only to GE in terms of longevity with the longest tenure of 102 years. Cisco will join other technology companies HP, Intel, IBM and Microsoft. Cisco is a very solid company with a big market share. It deserves the be in the Dow. The Dow is market index comprise of 30 of the biggest companies in the US.  Interestingly enough, Cisco is one of the biggest contributors to Linux. So, this is good news for Linux.