Use Cheaper Fonts

Aren’t fonts free on your computer? Yes, they are. So, what did you mean exactly by using cheaper fonts? performed several print tests to determine which fonts are cheaper to print than others. Personally, I didn’t think it would matter that much, but apparently using certain fonts can save you as much as 30%.

Case in point, a 10-point Century Gothic font is 31 percent cheaper than using the default 11-point Arial font. Who would have thought it would be Century Gothic. From ZDNet.

On a dollar basis, the company projected that the average person printing around 25 pages a week would save $20 a year by using Century Gothic for all documents. A business or heavy-duty user printing 250 pages per week would save around $80 for the year. And large companies with multiple printers could potentially save hundreds of dollars a year.

It doesn’t look significant at first, but if your company prints in large volume, then the savings can be considerable. Who knew Century Gothic was a money saver.