50 Million Netbooks By 2010

An estimated 200 million units of notebooks will be shipped in 2010. Of the 200 million units, an estimated 25% or 50 million units are going to be netbooks. Microsoft may deem netbook sales insignificant, but 25% of the notebook market is a big deal.

Canalys, a leading market research firm details their netbooks report:

The PC industry is undergoing a more dramatic transformation than seen at any time in the last 15 years. The netbook category was invented as recently as 18 months ago by the likes of Asus and Acer and is the only PC segment enjoying growth this year. The impact of netbooks has been profound.

It has forced Microsoft to fend off a threat from Linux by reducing its operating system prices and to continue promoting its aging XP brand. Netbooks have dramatically lowered industry price points, attracting new categories of consumer buyers.

Furthermore, hard-pressed PC vendors have been forced to cut their operating costs to have any chance of turning a profit. The biggest change of all has been the success the telcos have had in selling subsidised 3G netbooks, emulating the mobile phone business model.

The market shares of PC vendors are changing rapidly on the back of their willingness to commit to the netbook category and their agility in chasing these new, substantial telco deals.

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