The Most American Car Is

It’s the Toyota Avalon. If you’re American, you most likely heard others urging you to buy American products. There’s nothing absolutely wrong with that. However, with a global economy, the distinction between what is American and what is foreign is becoming blurry. The differences are not always clear cut. Consider automobiles. NPR reports that the Toyota Avalon is more American than the Ford Focus. From NPR:

According to the latest report, the most “American car” is the Toyota Avalon, which is built in Georgetown, Kentucky. Eighty-five percent of that car’s parts are sourced from the U.S and Canada — a higher percentage than for any car made by a U.S.-based manufacturer. Honda just celebrated its 30th anniversary in the U.S.

As foreign car makers have expanded in the U.S., U.S. automakers have expanded overseas. The Ford Fusion, for example, is now made in Mexico.

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