Gigabit DSL called

There’s a new broadband standard called with speeds up to 1Gbps over regular copper wires without the need for a fiber backbone. is scheduled to be approved by 2014. users should be able to install it without assistance. The self-installing system will eliminate costs for providers that they would have to pay for technicians. This could significantly improve the speed of the rollout. is meant to support bandwidth-intensive applications. Initial tests resulted 1.1Gbps over 70 meters and 800Mbps over 100 meters over a single cable. Consumers should expect connections to be available in 2015.

Internet Has 2 Billion Users

There are now 2 billion Internet users worldwide. That is one out of three people in the world as reported by Mashable. Interestingly enough, only 21% of the population in developing countries have access to the Internet, compared to 71% in developed countries.

That’s understandable, because broadband access in developing countries is hard to come by. One thing I don’t understand, is why 30 percent of the population in developed countries have no access to the Internet. Unless, they prefer to live under a rock. Anyways, here’s the breakdown of users per region, etc.

By the end of 2010, 71% of the population in developed countries will be online, compared to only 21% of people in developing countries. Regionally, 65% of the population is online in Europe, 55% in the Americas, 21.9% in the Asia/Pacific regions, while a mere 9.6% of the population is online in Africa.