Gnome 2.28 Reviewed

TuxRadar reviews the latest Gnome 2.28 which comes standard with Ubuntu’s latest release Ubuntu 9.10 codename Karmic Koala. Gnome 2.28 comes integrated with Bluetooth support. You can now pair up your mobile device or bluetooth headset with your desktop or laptop. Gnome 2.28 also comes with Empathy which replaced Pidgin. Empathy is capable of VoIP as well as chat. The video program called Cheese has an new interface. There are a few other features which you read the rest of the review here.

Wi-Fi Direct

The Wi-Fi Alliance group is currently working on a new specification called Wi-Fi Direct. The new spec will let phones, laptops, appliances connect without joining a traditional network. The Wi-Fi Alliance made up of Intel, Apple and Cisco plans to have the technology available to the market in mid-2010. Systems without Wi-Fi direct can be updated with software updates. Is this the end of BlueTooth?

Bluetooth Car Stereo

Bluetooth technology is going to be a prominent feature of future automotive stereo/radio players. Bluetooth technology allows music digital players such as the iPod to be played on the car stereo via a wireless signal. In addition, users are also able to direct cell phone conversations to the car stereo freeing both hands to more important things like driving or using signal lights.

Privacy might be a concern to some. Imagine pulling up to another car and tuning in on that person’s conversation. Although privacy is not a concern now for millions of bluetooth users. Bluetooth requires synching two devices to connect successfully. I haven’t heard cross-talk on my bluetooth device yet.

The only annoying thing about Bluetooth is the limited range. It’s only good up to 20 feet. My brother likes to walk around the house with his bluetooth device. The sounds from his cell phone connecting and disconnecting drives me crazy. I don’t think it will be a problem inside a car, unless you like to venture out of the car while driving.