What Happens on the Internet Every 60 Seconds

Ever wonder what happens on the Internet every 60 seconds? Gizmodo has this graphic (below) that outlines what happens if you doze off for just a minute. It goes on to show you, there are a ton of activity on the internet every minute, every hour, and 24 hours in a day. Here are some impressive stats:

  • 1500+ blog posts
  • 98,000 new tweets
  • 12,000 new ads on Craigslist
  • 20,000 new posts on Tumblr
  • 600 new videos (25+ hours worth) on YouTube
  • 168 million emails sent

The graphic is great, although it fails to mention how much porn was watched or the number of Facebook and Twitter posts about Justin Beiber. That should amount to something.

Automatic Upgrade and Subversion

I have been using Subversion to manage WordPress upgrades for two years now. When WordPress 2.7 appeared, it came with an Automatic Upgrade feature that made one click upgrade possible. Unfortunately, for those of us who have been using Subversion to switch from one WordPress version to another, the Automatic Upgrade feature breaks Subversion. The .svn directories that are essential for tracking and version control are no longer available.

But, I am happy to say the WordPress upgrade went without a hitch. The WordPress 2.8 files were installed and the database upgrade worked as well. This means only one thing: Automatic Upgrade and Subversion can’t co-exist. You either have to use one or the other. Although nothing could be easier than a one click upgrade, I still feel comfortable using Subversion when upgrading WordPress. Maybe, it’s because I know exactly what happens inside the Subversion upgrade.

In addition, I also have multiple blogs to upgrade each time a new WordPress version comes out. To make life easier, I run a small shell script to upgrade all of my WordPress instances at once. Here’s a sample of the shell script below:


# A script to upgrade several WordPress instances using Subversion.

echo "Upgrading domain.com"
cd /home/user/domain.com/
svn switch $wpv
echo "Upgrading domain2.com"
cd /home/user/domain2.com/
svn switch $wpv

As you can see, the shell script is quite simple. I just have to make one minor change to the script every time an upgrade is needed, and that is, to assign the latest tag to the $wpv variable.

Bloggers Code of Conduct

Wow. A code of conduct? Are you serious? How are they going to enforce it? Don’t get me wrong. I like the idea. Bloggers should have respect for each other. Is this realistic? Probably not. What are they going to do? Create a blog police. How will they crackdown on 75 million bloggers if they break the code of conduct? What’s the penalty? Expulsion from the internet? Suspension of their hosting account? Incarceration? What? Across borders and blogs written in all languages? Unrealistic. Yes.

Akismet Saves

The worst thing that could happen to you if you own your own blog is having comment spam. When I first started blogging a couple of years ago, I was rudely introduced to comment spam. I had over 150 junk messages from poker, casinos, sex, porn, drugs and just about anything in this planet. Thanks to how Google rank websites. The more links you have, the higher the ranking. So, I spent a couple of hours deleting the spam comments.

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