A Color Nook is Coming

A color Nook is coming to a Barnes & Noble near you. The latest e-Reader from Barnes & Noble comes in a seven inch display and retails for $249. It sounds like competition for the iPad in terms of the color display, although the Nook is mostly just an e-Reader.

The competition is tough in the e-Reader business. With Amazon’s Kindle at just $139, it’s a tough sell for B&N’s to get consumers to buy a Nook for $249. Who knows?  The market will very much decide if color displays is the way to go with e-Readers.

Color displays usually requires more power and can be an issue under direct sunlight.

Borders and Verizon Offer Free Wifi

Borders and Verizon have signed an agreement to offer free Wi-Fi in 500 of its stores. This came in the heels of Barnes & Nobles and AT&T’s announcement earlier this summer to provide free Wi-Fi service in its stores. The Borders and Verizon service will be available by mid-October. Access to the Internet is nearly ubiquitous if you add AT&T’s DSL package. AT&T allow their DSL customers have gain access to thousands of AT&T’s hotspots located worldwide at Starbucks, McDonalds, participating hotels, restaurants and airports.