Facebook Video Auto Play

Nothing is more infuriating that going to a website with a video playing on the background. That is what Facebook is exactly doing. They are now playing videos on pages that you open. Sounds like they are more concerned more about counting their video views than the actual user experience. At least they’re trying to be nice by muting the audio if you scroll down past the video. Facebook is giving you the option to have the volume ON automatically, but why would you do that? If you don’t want videos playing in the background at all, you can turn it OFF by going to the Settings and setting Auto-Play Videos to Off. That’s what I would do.

Auto Playing Videos

I was just browsing CNN and opened up a new article to read. In the background, on another tab, I have a YouTube video playing some jazz music to go along with my morning coffee. Then the unfortunate happened. CNN decides to play a video on the same page while I’m reading. One click and that CNN tab was gone. So, a strict warning to websites. Don’t over interfere with my music. I just want to read your article. That is all and nothing else. Don’t play videos that I didn’t want to watch. At least, mute it unless I hover it. In fact, I do not prefer to have it auto play. So, companies take note. No one likes auto-playing videos.