Twitter @Anywhere

I was browsing around the Internet looking for WordPress plugins and I came across a site called @wpbeginner which introduced me to Twitter @Anywhere. I must say @Anywhere is quite impressive. One of the features of @Anywhere is auto-linkification of Twitter usernames as you’ve noticed on this post.

You can also add Hovercards which you’ve seen at Hovercards are small, context-aware tooltip that provides access to data about a particular Twitter user. Hovercards also allows a user to take action upon a Twitter user such as following and unfollowing, as well as toggling device updates.

In addition, you can also embed a Tweet Box on your site and encourage your users to share your information. I’ve tested it on this site, but decided not to use it. @Anywhere will hopefully will give you more followers and engagement. I’ve decided to use the auto-linkification and hovercard features on this site.

If you like to follow me, just hover over @ulyssesonline and click the Follow button. If you like to know more about @Anywhere, you can visit the developers site here.