Angry Birds Owes iPhone

Rovio’s highly popular game Angry Birds has been downloaded 140 million times since its first release 16 months ago. Rovio can thank the iPhone for paving the way for its high popularity. Part of the appeal for the game is the game’s simplicity. It’s a simple idea of knocking down structures and solving a puzzle. It has enough challenge to make it interesting for kids and adults.

The other factor for its popularity is the price. The game is a mere $5 to download. It’s peanuts compared to highly-priced games available for the XBox 360 and PS2. The follow up Rio version sells for only a dollar. Rovio is also available for Android, Windows and Playstation. Where’s the love for Linux? In addition, Rovio is now pushing the game to China.

Rovio can thank the iPhone and its App Store partly for its success.

1 Million Apps Downloaded in 1 Day

One million were apps downloaded from the Mac App Store in in just one day. It’s quite impressive. You can add me as one contributor to that statistic. I’ve downloaded a couple of applications in Twitter and TextWrangler. Both were free. The Mac App Store features the top paid and free programs in the store. So, it’s interesting to see which apps are popular. You get a feel for what apps are trending.

Just a couple of applications worth noting.

MindNode for Mac is a elegant mindmapping application for collecting, organizing and outlining your thought and ideas. It’s a perfect tool for brainstorming, holiday planning, research, writing, project management, and meeting notes. The best part of it all is, it’s free. Can’t beat that. I’ve used a mindmapping tool before in my previous work to brainstorm and organize thoughts. I even used it for talks and speeches.

If you’re familiar with HDR images at all, you wonder how it is done. Well, Light Compressor is an app that lets you easily combine multiple exposures into striking HDR images. Light Compressor will combine the images you’ve taken from a tripod and give you the freedom to tweak the color curves, the tone-mapping and saturation before saving it as high quality 16 bit/channel tiff image. This app is practically free for just $0.99.

Well, everyone knows Angry Birds. If you don’t, no worries. Angry Birds is the number one paid app in the Mac App Store. At just $4.99, you can download and play this hugely popular game. Dish out revenge on those green pigs that stole the bird’s eggs. Lots of angry birds here. The game features 195 levels. It’s well worth the price. If you ever need a break from work, go play this game.