Amazon Kindle vs Sony Reader

Everyone has heard of Amazon’s Kindle 2. It’s a slim and lightweight electronic book reader that boasts an improved display, longer battery life and more storage. It uses 3G wireless to download books anywhere and anytime. There are over 245,000 book titles from Amazon that are available for easy download.

Sony announced today the Sony Reader collaborating with Google to make 600,000 book titles available online. The Sony Reader is small and lightweight just like the Kindle 2. The biggest difference is storage. Sony’s Reader has 20MB compared to the Kindle’s 2GB.

Sony’s Reader requires a computer to download books which can later be synched to the Reader. Amazon’s Kindle 2 uses 3G technology to download books anywhere and anytime. Based on the obvious, Amazon’s Kindle 2 is the superior gadget.

If Sony can match the Kindle’s storage and 3G capability on their Reader, they can crush the Kindle 2. But at the moment, if I had to get an electronic reading device, I would lean towards buying the Amazon Kindle 2, albeit I only have access to half of the available books online.

If Amazon can match what Sony is offering or if Sony can match the Kindle 2 specifications, it would make buying an even tougher decision. Competition is good because it enables innovation as well as keep prices at a reasonable level.

The only question is, which electronic reader will you cuddle up to.