Acomdata 3.5 Samba USB 2.0 Enclosure

I recently bought a 1 TB SATA hard drive. My old 160GB IDE hard drive is retired. It still works. So I decided to buy an external hard drive so I can use my old drive for backups. I settled with Acomdata 3.5 Samba USB 2.0 Enclosure kit mainly for one reason, it supports both IDE PATA and SATA drives.

The enclosure kit comes in an aluminum case with a satin finish. It’s whisper-quiet fanless with a hot-plug-ability, and it has an on-off switch. Transfers speeds is USB 2.0 at 480 Mbps. I’ve yet to test the transfer speed. I doubt it comes close to the specs, but transfer speed is not a priority for me.

In the future, if I ever retire my new 1 TB drive, I can use the same enclosure without buying another one, unless I want a USB 3.0 enclosure.