Snappy Ubuntu

Snappy Ubuntu Core has a minimal server image with the same libraries as regular Ubuntu, but it offers a simpler mechanism for obtaining applications. It’s faster, more reliable and more secure, according to Canonical. Snappy Ubuntu Core will ensure Snappy Apps “cannot harm the operating system and other Snappy Apps,” said Canonical’s Maarten Ectors. Rest the rest of the article.

Spartan Browser

Windows 10 will come with a new browser called Spartan. It’s supposed to interact with a stylus. It’s “tuned for mobile phones” and “built for the modern web.” Spartan has features that’s focused on productivity, as well as a voice interface. Unless you’re a Windws 10 beta tester, you might not see it for a while.

Leap Second

What’s all the fuzz about a leap second? Astronomers will add one second at the end of June 30, 2015. When the clock reaches 23:59:59, it will then go to 23:59:60 and then turn to 00:00:00. By the way, the leap second will not break the Internet as some have said it would. LA Times has a nice article of the upcoming leap year.

Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux doesn’t seem to be worried about it. He said patches were already added the last time it happened in 2012. Torvalds continues by saying the creators of Posix made a mistake years ago when they designated a day to have 86,400 seconds. Then, there’s that 2038 problem.