Insignia 40 Inch TV

I headed over to Best Buy on the Thanksgiving Day at around 6pm. It was one hour after the store opened. The line was long, which made me hesitate at first, but but it was moving, so I decided to stay. Thirty minutes later, I was inside the store. I was looking for a great deal on a 40 inch TV. My first choice was already gone. I ended up with an Insignia 40 inch 1080p TV for $159. Here’s the link from Best Buy. It’s an LED TV running at 60Hz. It has two HDMI ports, and a USB port. I thought I got myself a great deal.



Raspberry Pi Model Zero

Last week, founder Eben Upton of the Pi Foundation announced the Raspberry Pi Model Zero. The tiny computer device which runs on Raspbian, a free and open-source OS based on Debian, will sell for $5.00. You can purchase it from Adafruit and other outlets.

Here are some specs:

  • Processor: 1GHz Broadcomm BCM2835
  • Memory: 512MB of RAM
  • Storage: a user-supplied microSD
  • GPIO: 26/40 unpopulated through-holes
  • USB ports: USB On-the-Go…Micro USB
  • Video Output: Composite video is available from 2 unpopulated pins.
  • HDMI video is available from a mini HDMI port.

Prime Air

Amazon is slowly revealing its plan to use drones for delivering packages. The service is called Prime Air. The most likely areas where Prime Air will operate is in bigger cities where delivery times could be as fast as 30 minutes from the time you order the item. Here’s the Amazon video:

Is The iPad Pro a PC Killer?

Is the iPad Pro a PC killer? Not so fast. Initial tests indicate that the iPad Pro is fast, but not as fast as a laptop. And this whole notion that the iPad will replace the PC is ludicrous. It won’t. Businesses and individuals won’t jump out all of a sudden and abandon their desktops for the iPad Pro. I guarantee it, people will still use the desktop for certain tasks. We welcome the vast improvement that Apple has given the iPad, but in the end, it’s still a tablet, for now. And tablets do what tablets do. There are not desktops. Not yet, anyway. Although, the distinction between the two will most likely blur in the future. Most people’s workflow does not translate on the iPad at the moment. Try to work on the iPad for an entire week without ever touching your desktop, and you get the idea. It’s not quite there yet. And I’m not sure if it’s even going to be there in the future. It’s like trying to mold a small car into becoming a pickup. There are certain things tablets do very well. There are certain tasks that desktops do very as well. I don’t think that moment is now. Desktop App

If you have a blog at, you can now download a WordPress desktop app that’s available for the Mac. It’s similar to the Slack desktop application. The WordPress desktop app is very similar to the’s Dashboard. In fact, you’ll forget sometimes that you’re using the desktop app, except that you’re constantly reminded because there are no page refreshes. All updates are done behind the scenes. With this improvement, looks and feels like a modern web app. It’s WordPress way of saying, we can keep up with newcomers such as Medium. There are currently no plans to make this app available for the users.

Please no more Slideshows

It seems to me that every interesting article that’s out there use some kind of slideshows. I think it’s time to nuke that idea. I’m tired of viewing articles with titles of top 10 destinations, top 10 tech tips, and top 20 advices, and every one of them use some kind of slideshow to display their content. It’s getting to point now that it’s no longer a pleasant browsing experience. Viewers spend too much time clicking on the next button. And those stupid popup ads that seem to interrupt every third or fourth slide. It’s ridiculous. It’s getting to a point now that I refuse to read or view anything that has slideshows. The more people refuse to view any content with slideshows, the better it will be for the user experience. Content providers will eventually get the clue and stop using them. That will be the day.

Black Fridays Are Going Away Eventually

Black Fridays are going to be a thing of the past. Why go to a store on Black Friday if you can just stay at home and order the items online. Many retailers are now making their sales available online as well as in their stores. And we all know how much cheaper it is to sell online. You don’t have to stock up your stores or move merchandise. Here’s some tech items available from Amazon and Walmart on Black Friday.