Windows 10 Forever

Microsoft mentioned the other day that Windows 10 is going to be the last Windows version. No future versions like Windows 11, for example. Future updates will be applied on an ongoing manner. Based on Microsoft’s history of OS releases, they seem to do well every third OS release. The ones that fall in between tend to be really bad. With this new approach, will we see faster updates to Windows. Will we see major updates or just minor ongoing tweaks. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft will manage this new approach. Read more from BBC.

Amazon EC2 G2 Instance size

Amazon Web Services has a new G2 instance called g2.8xlarge. It has 4 high-performance NVidia GPUs for those needing a system capable of doing large scale video rendering, transcoding, or parallel processing. The g2.8xlarge is available in just about all regions. The on-demand pricing is $2.60 per hour. Spot and reserved instances are a little bit cheaper but require an entire month use.

OpenOffice Developers Are Leaving

Maybe OpenOffice is on it’s last legs. It’s down to just 16 developers. Compared to LibreOffice’s 268 developers, it pales in comparison. Armed with just a few a developers, OpenOffice releases will be slow and infrequent. I think it’s becoming more obvious to switch over to LibreOffice if you haven’t yet done so. Maybe, the two projects can lay their pride aside and combine their efforts and make an even more solid product.

Malware on Hard Drives

Kapersky Labs have uncovered a malware that exists on hard drives. They say it’s a piece of work by a group called the Equation group. Or it could be the work of NSA. The malware is so sophisticated that there’s no known tool to remove them. The malware can rewrite the firmware of hard drives. They are impossible to detect, let alone remove. The Equation group has been known as far back as 2001.