It was a Memory Problem

Who would have thought? The source of my hardware issues this past two weeks was the RAM memory. As I previously wrote in my older post, I was experiencing a kernel panic. The symptoms were that my keyboard and mouse would locked up, the keyboard’s Caps Lock and Scroll Lock also flashed. The only recourse was to reset the computer.

Initially, I thought it was the power supply, then I thought the CD, DVD or floppy drives. I disabled the on-board sound. I even changed graphics cards. I should have tested the memory first. That was my gut feeling. I read on one of the forums that whenever there is a kernel panic that most likely, it would be a RAM issue. I should have done the memory test first.

The last couple days, I contemplated on buying a new motherboard, CPU and memory, but it can wait for now. Eventually, I need to upgrade.

Isolating the problem was great. It was an issue I have been battling for almost two weeks. Stupid me.

Currently, Frys sells 1GB DDR PC3200 400Mhz memory for $30. That’s the cheapest DDR without any rebates. I hate rebates.

I should really upgrade my system. I was looking at a package deal, an AMD Atlon X2 Quad 620 for $99, an Asus motherboard for only $40 at the Micro Center. It’s really a great deal. Throw in a 2GB DDR2 800Mhz RAM at $49 and I’m set to go, but I’ll wait for a little bit.

Firefox 3.6 is 20 Percent Faster

I just upgraded to Firefox 3.6. I usually wait until the Firefox browser tells me to update to the latest version. I can’t wait any longer, so I decided to force a new update. After a few minutes I was running Firefox 3.6. It’s supposed to be 20% faster than its predecessor, Firefox 3.5. Check out the features and a post from the Mozilla blog, which by the way is running on WordPress.

I’m really curious about Personas. 35,000 designs? Let me try one. I just did. Whoa! Nice. No restart required! This alone was worth the upgrade, plus the 20% speed enhancement. Update now, folks.

Grub and Windows 7

I’m not sure why it is so difficult to make Windows and Grub to co-exist. Oh, they do work. They work like a charm. The issue surfaces each time there is a new iteration of the latest Windows OS, in this case Windows 7. It blows off the Grub configuration and makes it unusable. It rewrites the Master Boot Record deeming your Grub configuration unusable.

How rude it is for Microsoft to assume that Windows is the only operating system available on a computer. One more thing, if you are going to have a dual boot system, it is advisable to install Windows first. If you install Windows last, it will rewrite the MBR making it impossible for you to get to your Linux distro. It’s not really gone. Windows just screwed up Grub and overwritten the MBR. You have to boot from a Linux CD and restore Grub.

I just wished Windows would behave well and co-exist with Linux. It’s this kind of provocation that alienates Linux users even more.