WordPress MU: DNS Wildcards

To enable a subdomain type of installation in WordPress MU, you’ll need a wildcard entry in the DNS. The following instructions applies only to Dreamhost users, but they can be easily adapted to other CPanels or other host providers.


  1. Login to the Dreamhost’s Panel
  2. Click on the Manage Domains
  3. Find yourdomain.com and click the DNS link
  4. Add a custom DNS to yourdomain.com. See entry below
  5. Click the Add Record Now submit button

Custom DNS Entry
Name: *
Value: yourdomain.com.
Comment: wildcard dns script

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If your provider does not provide you with the facility to add DNS records, please contact the support team telling them you need a wildcard entry in the DNS for a particular domain. They are usually happy to enter it for you. Please note some providers don’t allow wildcard entries, then you are better off using a subdirectory structure or moving to another host provider that supports it.

You literally do not need to add subdomains to yourdomain.com when installing WordPress MU. I made that mistake. The DNS wildcard and Apache’s mod_rewrite module should do the trick for you. As long as you have those two requirements, the subdomain type of install of WordPress MU will work.

WordPress MU Structure

There are two types of WordPress Mu structures: subdomains or subdirectories. Which one is for you? You decide. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain. Assuming your base install is located at yourdomain.com, you can install new blogs in two different ways. The first option is using subdomains. For example, the blogs1, blog2 and blog3 will look like this.

  • blog1.yourdomain.com
  • blog2.yourdomain.com
  • blog3.yourdomain.com

The second options is using subdirectories which will look like this:

  • yourdomain.com/blogs1
  • yourdomain.com/blogs2
  • yourdomain.com/blogs3

Either one will work. WordPress MU is not particular. It’s a matter of preference. The only requirement is that you will need a wildcard entry in the DNS if you use subdomains.

$3 Microsoft Student Education Suite

Microsoft announced today plans to offer a suite of applications to children in developing nations similar to one laptop per child initiative for just $3 dollars. The Microsoft Student Education Suite as it is called will include a specialized version of Windows XP, Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007, Microsoft Math 3.0, Learning Essentials 2.0 for Microsoft Office, and Windows Live Mail desktop.

I think it’s a great move by Microsoft. One of the biggest problems in developing nations is piracy mainly due to software being too expensive. For a measly $3 dollars, students are able to get the Microsoft Student Education Suite. The move also stems the tide of users switching over to other alternatives such as Linux or Google’s suite of applications.

Thunderbird 2

Mozilla Thunderbird 2 is spiffy looking. I love the new visual theme. This email client now has tagging allowing users to classify email based on importance and or category. The new search feature starts displaying results as you type. I have Gmail and a personal email account using IMAP running on Thunderbird 2. The response seems faster with this latest release. Learn more about the latest features. Best of all, it’s free.

Blackberry 14 Hour Outage

Blackberry major disruptions are rare. The last one happened almost two years ago in June 2005. When the service went down last night until this morning for a total of 14 hours, many a Blackberry users grumbled with disgust. The downtime affected 8 million users from techies to people in the highest levels of government. The Blackberry outage was the first order of business in the White House this morning. How did the market respond? Blackberry stock closed today up by $3.10 or 2.4% at $134.37 despite being down even as low as $128.80 when the market opened early this morning. Nice rally.

Vonage Legal Troubles

I’m one of the 2.2 million customers of Vonage, the telecommunications company that offers telephone services through the internet. Verizon has sued Vonage for infringing over five of its patents. A jury earlier this year awarded Verizon $58 million in damages and ordered Vonage to stop using its technology. Vonage is currently working on an alternative, but raises concerns if it’s able to meet the deadline.

Majority of the company’s $607.4 million in revenue last year came from charging customers with monthly subscription fees of about $25. How’s the market responding? Not good. Vonage has lost more than $720 million since going public, $338.6 million from last year alone. The company’s stock priced at $17 in the IPO last May has plummeted down to more than 80 percent at the close yesterday at $3.31.

I hope the best for Vonage since I like their service. The price is perfect at $25 per month. What’s the alternative? Well, Comcast offers $39 for existing Comcast cable and high speed internet users. It’s $55 per month if you just want Digital Voice service alone. Comcast does offer a promo for $33 dollars each for the three services of television cable, high speed internet and telephone service for a grand total of about $99 per month. Then, there’s always AT&T’s landline.

Swamped Turbo Tax Servers

Imagine filing your tax returns electronically at the last minute. You pressed the submit button. You wait. And wait. And wait to get a confirmation but it doesn’t show up, not until several hours later. It’s past midnight and you wonder if your return made it on time. If tax day isn’t stressful enough, Intuit, the makers of Turbo Tax and Pro Series tax software made it even more interesting. Intuit servers were so swamped Tuesday night, it made filing returns a cardiac exercise.

According to Intuit, it sold more than 11 million copies of its Turbo tax software, but not all file electronically. I’m sure Intuit will fix this problem by next year. You could always try out the competition, H & R Taxcut. I’ve used them last two years, but I still file the old-fashion way, via snail mail. By the way, USPS was open until 10:00pm. I’m glad it’s over. What a relief.

The Wii Experience

I finally got my hands on the Wii when my friend had me over to play his latest gadget. It’s no surprise the game has outsold its rival Sony Playstation 3. It’s a lot of fun. I even scored 184 in bowling after just two games. The Wii still lags Microsoft Xbox 360 by a bundle but only because the Xbox 360 has been around longer. It’s a good thing the handle comes with a string because it slipped out of my hand five minutes after I got my hands on them — which explains the broken TVs and chipped furnitures at my friend’s house. Just kidding about the broken TV and the broken furniture, but he did break a figurine.