OpenOffice Isn’t Dead

A recent article by ZDNet article said that OpenOffice is dead. Is it really? There are thousands who use OpenOffice on a daily basis. How could it be dead? Google Docs may be a better alternative to MSOffice, but it won’t work offline. To most people, OpenOffice is still the right choice over MSOffice because of cost. Granted not too many people use it, but to say it’s dead is like saying Safari and Opera browsers are dead because they don’t have too many users. They may not have the numbers, but each have their own loyal following. By no means it’s dead.

Locking Down My Facebook

I’m not really a big fan of Facebook. I use it only because everyone I know seems to be using it. I’ve actually turned off my Facebook account twice because of privacy issues. The recent software glitch prompted me to take another look at my Facebook profile. So, the other night, I took another stab at locking down my Facebook account. Thirty minutes later, I think I got it. It’s somewhat secure. I think. I don’t expect it to be ever as secure as Fort Knox.

The only question is, is my account usable? I have no wall, no photos, no videos. Just my name and a contact link. I’ve relaxed it just a bit since then, but I still don’t have a wall. If you want tips, here’s a link from Jason Perlow of ZDNet. He talks about locking down your Facebook profile in 20 minutes. If you do a Google search how to lock down your Facebook account, you’ll come up with pages of articles.

Create A Website Based On One Color

Are you thinking of creating a website based on one color? One cool tool you can use is a Color Palette. This particular tool will create for you 10 shades of the base color with varying degrees of opacity. The top row emulates opacity over a white background, while the bottom emulates opacity over black background.

The opacity values are 100% opaque, 75%, 50%, 25% and 10% on the top row. The bottom row begins at 85% rather than 100% and continues on as the first. To make it more interesting, you can use different colors other than a white and black backgrounds. I use the color #365215 for this blog. Here is the varying shades of colors using this tool.

Firefox 4 Promises To Be Fast

Mozilla promises to have a “super-duper fast” browser when Firefox 4 surfaces sometime in October 2010. Mozilla Firefox faces tough competition from the lightning-speed Google Chrome, who have been outpacing all competition in terms of browser market share.

To reverse the market slide, Mozilla Firefox 4 will need to match Chrome’s speed and offer a few more enhancements. Support for HTML5, 64-bit computing, a sleeker and a simpler interface will certainly help. Mozilla will also add dedicated application tabs and the ability to install add-ons without restarting the browser.

Beta releases of Firefox 4 will be available sometime next month. An October release is still five months away and Mozilla does not guarantee it will meet the release date. Firefox 4 release date can possibly slip by a month or two.

In the meantime, Google Chrome will continue eat away the browser market share. Experts are saying Firefox 4 is market-neutral meaning it will probably not have any lasting impact to the market share when released.

bbPress Topics With Negative Numbers

I was scratching my head as to why my bbPress forum was displaying topics with negative numbers. It seems to coincide every time someone deletes a topic. The number of topics can sometimes falls below zero into negative territory. It just looks odd to have a forum with negative topics.

In any case, the fix is to login as Admin and perform a Recount. Just go to Manage > Recount. I checked on the first 7 boxes. I skipped boxes 8 and 9 that either delete or remove posts with no topics, etc. It only takes a few seconds to perform the recount. Once recounted, the topics would show the correct values.

I never did get a clear explanation as to what is causing the negative numbers to show up. There seems to be a good discussion at the bbPress forum, but it seems the question was never resolved.