One Reason I Love Verdana

One reason I really love Verdana is looks great on all browsers. And it’s a big enough reason. I think as a whole, most Sans-Serif fonts like Verdana, Helvetica and Arial, do look good because they tend to render them properly on most browsers, on most operating systems.

Georgia, Times New Roman, and most Serif fonts tend to look bad on some operating systems that do not have anti-aliasing. If they do, then it’s probably not a good idea to use them in small fonts. Georgia is used mostly as a headline because it looks great in large fonts.

Arial is probably the most used because it is easier to read. Times New Roman is standard in Windows. Comic Sans MS is informal, but some people comically like it.

Overall, I still think Verdana is best – for me anyways. I don’t know for you.

Code Igniter Is Great

I finally had a chance to evaluate Code Igniter for a couple of hours. The sample videos, tutorials, and online manual are simple and straightforward. I tried a couple of examples and they worked great. I can’t wait to get started with a couple of projects. I might try a simple todo list just to get my feet wet.

What impressed me most are the number of helpers and classes that are available for use. It’s quite comprehensive from email, form, array, file, date, smiley, just to name a few helpers. Why recreate the wheel if it’s already available.

It takes a little bit of used to the MVC framework because it’s completely a different paradigm. Separating code from design does make a lot of sense. I do see the potential for rapid development due to the simplicity of functions like queries to the database, for example.

One thing I want to figure out how to get a template system working.

After two hours with Code Igniter, I’m fairly impressed.

I can’t wait to dive deeper into Code Igniter.

Code Igniter vs CakePHP

In the next several weeks, I will be evaluating two PHP frameworks: Code Igniter and CakePHP. I have been coding in PHP for several years now, and that’s without the help of a framework. I would still recommend this approach to anyone who is learning PHP for the very first time.

Knowing the basics of a programming language is essential first and foremost. A programmer needs to know the ins and outs of a language before jumping on a framework.

One of the reasons I want to use a PHP framework is for the rapid development of applications. So, in the next two weeks I will be evaluating both frameworks. I’ll come back a few weeks later with my observations.

Best Linux Distros of the Decade

It has been a very interesting decade for the Linux Desktop. The first half of the decade was dominated by Mandrake and the latter half dominated by Ubuntu. It’s interesting to know that I have been an avid user of both distros while they were both hot. I am now using Linux Mint, a distro derived from Ubuntu. Time will tell if Linux Mint becomes a favorite. If you are interested to know how your distro fared, check out the Tech Source from Bohol.

New Theme Called Theme

I haven’t changed themes in more than two years, which is very hard to believe. Several years ago, I change themes at least once a month. It’s just shows you how happy I was with the old theme to stick with it for more than two years.

I think it’s time for something new. This is just a simple theme that I quickly designed to spice things up a bit. I’m not sure what to call the theme at the moment, although it’s temporarily called “Theme” for lack of a better name.

It’s a one-column theme, with a dark blue background. I’m using a bunch of links to simulate a header. It’s kind of neat the way it turned out. I’m not sure yet how long I will stick with this one, but I love the simplicity and the speed.

Maybe, I will release it as an open-source theme.