RIP Mandriva Linux

Mandriva Linux is deader that dead. How could that be? Well, for one, the distro hasn’t been updated since 2011. Most of the developers were laid off as early as 2010. Whatever is left of the company called Mandriva, is liquidating pretty much all its assets. Mandrake, the predecessor of Mandriva, used to be my favorite Linux distro. You can view my post about Mandrake here back in 2004. There’s another post here. Mandriva had quite a market share back in its day. Then came Ubuntu. Ubuntu pretty much took the wind out of Mandriva’s sail. So, here we are now. There are a couple of forks. Mageia and OpenMandriva are chugging along.


Batteriser is a device that increases battery life for up to 800%. Batteries that were once doomed for the trash can, can now be revived by placing a tiny sliver of metal device over a battery cell. This device acts as a sleeve and it’s thin enough to fit nicely in any battery compartment in any electronic device. The metal sleeve will sell for about $2.50 each. You can get a pack of 4 for $10. Eight times over the regular battery life is quite amazing. Duracell, Energizer and Maxell are probably not too happy about to hear about this innovation.

FIFA Overhaul

Now that Blatter is gone, the 2022 Qatar World Cup should be next. If FIFA wants to make an meaningful impression that it’s really changing for the better, then it needs to make a statement by suspending the 2022 Qatar World Cup. The Qatar selection is the epitome of bribery and corruption. It doesn’t bode well for FIFA to be associated with the Qatar World Cup. Otherwise if the World Cup venue doesn’t change, then people perception of FIFA will never change.

In addition, FIFA structure and voting process also need to change. Currently, every country with a FIFA membership gets one vote. FIFA should heavily weight the voting selection to the 32 teams that make it to the World Cup. After all, they are they are ones involved in the big tournament. Whether how much of a percentage is to be debated? Maybe 75% of the vote, while the rest of the membership gets the other 25%. This will make the perennial teams that qualify in the World Cup regularly have more say and better representation.

This change in the voting process changes the dynamics of FIFA. Football minnows will now have less say, perhaps forging a way in making it much difficult for bribery and corruption. Whether major changes will ever be instituted in FIFA is tough to say. We are talking about a group that’s deeply entrenched in the bribery and corruption for decades. Maybe only a massive purge of the entire institution can save FIFA.